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Jan 26, 2010 08:17 AM

caramel brownies - how do i prevent the caramel from sinking to the bottom??

i saw these salted caramel brownies on "the best thing i ever ate" so i set out to recreate them. the original version has a layer of oozing caramel in the middle of an otherwise plain brownie and i can't figure out how to keep the caramel from sinking. do i need to par bake the bottom layer of the brownie?

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  1. I share your interest in the mystery. I wonder if it might be the type of caramel they use (consistency) or the consistency of their brownie batter. I'm sure they don't par-bake the bottom layer because that would cause havoc with two unevenly baked layers. If you don't think it's any of the above you might try using less caramel or combining the caramel with a little bit of whipped fluff so the cumulative weight of the caramel isn't as great.

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      "I'm sure they don't par-bake the bottom layer because that would cause havoc with two unevenly baked layers."
      maybe not. some of the recipes i've seen for caramel-filled brownies actually are written that way.

      these call for par-baking the bottom layer:

      this one doesn't:

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        Thanks for the info. I don't believe I've ever seen that technique demonstrated. So, tastycakes, I think that might be your answer.

        The link ( doesn't provide the full info., but you can get the whole enchilada at:

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        OT but what recipe did you use to make the bread in your avatar?

      3. I saw that show - and man did she make me want to buy a ticket to NY for that brownie. If you google Baked Brownie - Matt Lewis - you'll find the recipe for their standard brownie - which is also supposed to be out of this world. On the Martha Stewart site is a recipe for their (Baked) salted caramel - which is the filling for their sweet and salty cake - but I think if you put these two together - you may have the winning combo. I'm going to try it!

        1. Then again you can buy them direct from the source - BAKED, only (!!!) $21 for 6 (seems to include shipping), $38 for 12 (+$17 for shipping).

          For that money you can do a lot of experimenting to find something you like. Please come back and let us know how it goes for you. I saw the show, too - and boy, they DID look delish!

          1. Here's the BAKED "Sweet & Salty Chocolate Cake" recipe

            Description: This is our signature creation, our most loved cake, and our most requested recipe. Is all this attention warranted? Absolutely. Our Sweet and Salty Cake is an indulgent but sophisticated adult sweet: The perfectly salted caramel contrasts beautifully with the rich chocolate layers, giving the cake balance and character. It probably goes without saying that the salted caramel is also delicious poured over dark chocolate ice cream.


            It includes the recipe for Salted Caramel which might be the same as what they use in the brownies.

            1. Here's a link for the BAKED brownie recipe (not the caramel, but the basic brownie recipe)


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                I'm another one from the" how do I do this?" camp. Have tried several times and almost without exception the caramel sinks. I do par bake the bottom layer and it still happens. I make my own caramel instead of melting commercial ones that often make up that layer. I know it can go on top, but then serving becomes an issue because they are so sticky, tough to wrap and pass on as gifts. Consistency is most likely the key so the quest goes on. For the time being, I'm making brownies with a peanut butter layer. No complaints there!

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                  tweetie, is your homemade caramel thick enough? maybe try cooking it a bit longer - if it's even the slightest bit runny when you layer it onto the par-baked brownie base, it'll sink in.

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                    I followed recipe and it still oozed to the bottom of pan...when I first made the recipe it came out perfect for the first few times then boom down to the bottom,only difference was the pan.I used regular pan, then I used the non stick and that's when it started.I will try to use a regular pan again and see what happens.