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Jan 26, 2010 08:05 AM

Customer service?? BULLONI

Date: Saturday January 23, 2010
Time: 5:50 pm
Occasion: Early dinner

My wife and I ended up at Toni Bulloni at 5:50 pm and was greeted by the bartender/hostess. She asked if we had a reservation and we replied "No" while I scanned the restaurant for seats; and there were plenty of seats available. 3 people were sitting at the bar and a table of 4 in the rear of the restaurant. She then asked if we wanted to sit at the bar which we declined. She said "I can seat you but will have to rush you out for 7:20 pm". Looking at our watches, we said we will be done before then. She reminded us again that we must be done by then and proceeded to sit us in the rear of the restaurant. We also heard her tell the server of our "arrangement" and that we need to be out before 7:20 pm.

Minutes after sitting down a table of 5 got seated beside us by the same woman that sat us and once again told the server that the new table also is aware that they have to finish before 7:20 pm. There was nothing discreet and although she was speaking to the server, her voice was loud enough that it almost seemed like she was talking to us or the customers she just sat.

At no point in the evening did we feel like we were the customers. The bartender/hostess made us feel like she was doing us a favour by allowing us to sit at a table and take in the great Italian feast that many have claimed they serve. We ordered pizza and risotto and we can honestly say it was subpar for the area and price. Risotto was mushy and no real mushroom taste. Pizza was far from a good Italian thin crust pizza. Doughy and very salty!!

I would think in economic times like these, businesses are more cognisant of the important things, like customer service. Customers have many choices these days - choice of restaurants and choice of eating out or staying in. If this is the kind of service Toni Bulloni continues to provide, then our choices will certainly be limited.

Toni Bulloni
156 Cumberland St, Toronto, ON M5R1A8, CA

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  1. I tend to shy away from Yorkville for pretty much the same reasons you mentioned (price, service, quality of food), ones that I feel are endemic to many of the establishments there. I've only ever had a few great meals in Yorkville and they were at Host.

    1. That's pretty shabby. Next time you're in Yorkville - there are plenty of welcoming restaurants that are worth visiting. Fieramosca, Host, Caren's to name a few!

      1. Although I get great service in the daytime when ever I go, I tend to sit at the bar and have items from the hot table. That food is priced very inexpensively but it more like food court Italian at best. I don't go often but for a few bucks for a bowl of noodles and red sauce washed down with a glass of plonk it suffices.

        I have never and would never claim that they serve 'a great feast'. They are the lower end of the scale.

        I wouldn't paint all of Yorkville with the same brush. This place isn't indicitive of Yorkville offerings.