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Jan 26, 2010 07:55 AM

Kosher Sushi Sauce

Hello my wife and I have started making our own kosher sushi at home. Everybody knows that one of the major parts of sushi is the dipping sauce. So far we've managed to make the spicy mayo that everybody has but we been having problems making kosher Tsume sauce. This is the sweet thick sauce that most sushi places serve.

Does anyone a recipe for this?

Thanks so much for the help!

Kol tov,

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  1. There are a million variations but it's just three ingredients:

    Soy sauce, sugar and rice wine, cooked down to a thick sauce. The key to teh end product is in the proportions.

    I recommend a little trial-and-error experimentation.

    1. Thanks for the reply. I tried the recipe from the site in your post and it's not quite what we were looking for. I made a few batches but they all taste strange.

      Do you know the proper proportions for this to actually taste good?

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        "Tasting good" is in the eye (or the tongue, I suppose) of the beholder. Only you know what taste it is that you're striving to replicate.

      2. I Googled "tsume" "sauce" "recipe" and found it is also called "Nitsume Sauce", or "Sweet Eel Sauce", in English. Traditionally there is a fourth ingredient, an eel. has a recipe which subsituted dashi, made of dried fish and kelp, for the eel, and includes some remarks on experimenting to find the right proportions and ingredients for that proper Tsume taste.

        I suggest using just kelp, which can be found with kosher certification. If there is such a thing as kosher bonito flakes (used to make Japanese Dashi soup stock) you could try them for the elusive flavor. Good luck!

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        1. re: Juliagrownup

          I have yet to find kosher bonito flakes - has anybody seen them?

          1. re: Juliagrownup

            I have never seen them kosher. They are made from a non-kosher fish.


            1. re: Umami Sushi

              Bonito flakes are not made from bonito??

              1. re: ferret

                I think it's a common misconception that bonito are not kosher but according to, it is.


                1. re: DeisCane

                  if you look at that link it is showing what fish Bonito is similar too.
                  True bonito flakes are made from a non-kosher fish

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Thanks for the help. I found that you can make kosher dashi yourself,

              Unfortunately the dashi only lasts 3 days, which leads me to believe that the tsume sauce will only last a few days.

              Has anyone found anything close to this sauce available at kosher supermarkets? I'm tempted to ask the local kosher sushi place for their recipe but I doubt they'll give it to me =).