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Jan 26, 2010 07:50 AM

white lasagne - what's your recipe?

I have some frozen minced turkey, some leftover fresh pesto from supermarket, some frozen spinach, some pecorino, some parmesan, some cream.

Anyone got any good white lasagne recipes??

I've never made one before but I thought it might be fun to try.

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    1. re: smokeandapancake

      thanks, I'm looking for a white lasagne and want to make sure that the meat is well seasoned/flavoured so am open to suggestions. When I say white I mean as in the italian, ie. no tomato.

      1. re: smokeandapancake

        "smokeandapancake" makes the perfect recommendation, at least the part about the bechamel. Forget about the tomato sauce. Just prepare a basic bechamel (the cream will make it super rich) combine it with your pesto, shredded pecorino and finely chopped turkey, layer it with alternating layers of bechamel sauce/spinach and top with grated parmesan. Don't forget the Sauvignon blanc

        1. re: todao

          I love white lasagna! I make the sauce with garlic, shallots, and mushrooms sauteed in butter...instead of salt I add a little anchovy or anchovy paste.....then I add browned ground chicken or veal, then some white wine and some chicken stock. After it reduces, I add some parsley and sherry, then cream....which is reduced a bit more, but not too much. When I make the lasagna, I layer noodles, swiss cheese, prosciutto, and sauce...bake for 20 minutes covered at 400 degrees...then another 10 minutes uncovered. Its one of my family's favorite dishes.

          1. re: EricMM

            The anchovy and prosciutto are, as you pointed out, salty enough without adding salt to that recipe. I might try substituting capers for the anchovy at some point to contrast the chicken. Your white wine added with the chicken is, I assume, the same sherry that you add later. I like fortified wines in lasagna (and other pasta dishes) for the roundness that sherry brings to the flavor of the dish when it's combined with a butte sauce. Swiss cheese isn't something I would ordinarily use in a lasagna but I like the idea (Swiss cheese and sherry marry beautifully) and I may give that a try myself.

            1. re: todao

              The white wine is separate from the sherry. Sometimes I skip it, and just use chicken broth and sherry....I don't use too much sherry, because I don't want it to be overpowering. Because of the saltiness of the prosciutto, I only add a little anchovy...either 1 fillet or a small squirt of anchovy paste. I never got this from a recipe...just made it up on my own. I have also done it with slices of veal scallopine instead of the ground meat, but that gets pretty expensive.

            2. re: EricMM

              That sounds insanely good! I'm definitely going to have to try that.

        2. great thanks for these replies. I will try making the creamy bechamel and will add layers of sauteed spinach. YUM!

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          1. re: kookiegoddess

            I love the portobello lasagne by Ina Garten. It has a bechamel sauce only. Delicious, especially if made w/fresh noodles, and a day ahead.

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