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Jan 26, 2010 07:19 AM

Crescent Pie & Sausage

Supper for two at Crescent Pie & Sausage on Saturday night was very good. We started with the sausage mixed grill, which that night consisted of lil' smokeys, boudin, and andouille with a small arugula salad, pickles, and creole mustard ($15). All the sausages were very good, but the boudin was stand out. It was very light on rice, almost riceless, but there were a few grains in there. The taste was unlike any traditional boudin I've had, and wasn't particularly heavy on the liver, but it was just really, really good. They make all the sausages in house and they are really well made. The sausage selection changes frequently and the waitress mentioned that night they also had a spicy red sausage and a seafood sausage (not boudin).

We then had a Mediterranean Pie, topped with lamb sausage, artichoke hearts, olives, small chunks of eggplant, fresh parsley, and "goat cheese crema" which was a tangy, minty sauce drizzled over the top ($14). Even with all these toppings the pie tasted fresh and light, not at all overburdened with anything. The hand tossed crust was very thin and crisp, and nicely bread flavored. If anything I think it could have been baked a few minutes longer, but I like it a little overcooked. I was definitely cooked through, I just like it a little more done. The pie was about 10" or maybe 12", sliced into 8 pieces.

The wine list is pizza parlor-ish, with three whites and three reds hovering around the $25 range. Nothing spectacular but perfectly serviceable for this type of joint. They have three or four beers on tap and a few bottles. Corkage is $7.

Service was very casual and familiar. The brand new space features an open kitchen where you can watch the pizza maker tossing the dough. It has very high ceilings and very little to muffle sound, so it's a little bit cavernous and echoy in there. There are a few barstools at a counter by the kitchen, from which I'm sure you could see everything being prepped.

The amount of food was more than enough; we took home four slices of pizza and they reheated well the next day for lunch. Total $67 inc. tax, tip, one bottle of wine, two shared entree-sized dishes. We will definitely be back, and soon!

4400 Banks St, across from Banks St Bar and next to Huevos, run by the same guys and great for breakfast.

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  1. That's a great review and glad I came across it. I recently visited Huevos upon driving past my old high school and I thought it was great on the price and great on taste. I will definitely try Crescent Pie soon!

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      I will have to hit this place when I come in for the SB. I always drive that way anyway as I went to St Anthony and Jesuit and my grandmother lived across the street from Huevos right by that little corner store. Soft spot in my heart for that part of town.

    2. I echo the Librarian's thoughts. I love this place and have been 4 times since they opened. Just a great value for high quality food. If you are dining as a deuce, I recommend sharing a pizza and either a sausage plate or a sandwich. For some reason I get a kick out of the mismatched wine glasses and silverware.


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      1. A (maybe dumb) question re the pizza for those who've also been to Domenica. How does it compare? I loooove D's pizza, but these sound pretty good too. I definitely prefer a lighter touch w/top-quality ingredients, but crust is what makes or breaks for me. What kind of ovens do they use?

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          CP&S aren't using wood burning like Domenica. Other than the Margarhita, they make very different pies.

        2. After reading UL's review, I knew we had to get there. We finally tried it, and we'll be back.
          I have to say, I was a little skeptical as i often am about places that try to do everything. So these guys have a place called Huevos, which we like a lot, and now this place is doing pizza and German-style sausages and cajun. One of the proprietors described the food as "multicultural." In a restaurant, this often doesn't work, imo, but it sure does here, and think Crescent makes a great addition to this street, which reminds me a bit of what Frenchmen was like before it got trendy, and to mid-city restaurant offerings in general.

          We had:

          the Marghuerita pizza: ok, it's not Domenica, but its darned good and better than almost every other pizza in towm. The lamb pizza looked great but I wanted an Italian stalwart first. (If I were deciding, I might have slow-roasted those tomatoes before putting them on the pie, simply because when fresh tomatoes aren't great, well, they aren't after a brief sojourn in the oven either. But they were pretty good roma tomatoes considering the tomato situation right now.) The thin crust is very good, and the house-made mozzarella delicious. I'd order this again, but next time, I'll try the lamb. The other combinations-- probably not--but that's just because I tend to prefer more traditional pizza toppings.

          Bratwurst and sauerkraut: my husband spent his youth in Wisconsin and has been yearning for proper bratwurst ever since. This, he said, is it--firm and dense, but juicy, and perfectly grilled. And while I'm no expert on brats, I thought it and the sauerkraut were delicious.

          We all sampled the hot sausage and it got three excellents.

          Bad Bart's Black Jambalaya: I'm ordinarily not a big fan of jambalaya, particularly not the tomato-y versions, but this is truly black. I had a taste, and I would order it myself. With the addition of black eyed peas, it's not the most traditional jambalaya--more like a cajun-style Moros y Cristianos--but who cares, because it was extremely tasty.

          Beer-battered onion rings were what beer-battered rings should be and rarely are--light, airy batter, but crispy and almost greaseless. These were cut quite thick and very filling--unfortunate, as they are addictive and if they arrive pre-entree threaten to ruin the appetites of the weakest among us.

          Home-made potato chips were pronounced "excellent," but I didn't try them. See above.

          I ordered a small side salad for good measure. It was fresh, with lots of arugula and other nice greens, bits of red onion and thinly sliced celery, and slices of the same decent roma tomatoes that were on the pizza. Had I been paying cIoser attention,I would have preferred a more interesting dressing or vinaigrette--this reminded me of the boring dribble of vinegar and oil my grandmother would put on her salads so it had an appealing nostalgia (though I doubt my grandmother ever heard of arugula), but let's face it, the salad was a very minor player on this stage.

          Crescent has an interesting beer selection, and we tried three at the table, one on tap, one can, and one bottle. They were all quite good, but the only name I remember was the bottled Session lager--because I couldn't get over its $3 price tag.

          We sooo wanted to try the root beer float for dessert, but we were physically incapable. We'll have to make a special trip for one when we're willing to skip a meal.

          Overall, we were very happy w/Crescent--excellent food, friendly service, casual ambiance. My husband says he wants to try the brisket sandwich very badly, but doesn't think he'll ever be able to order anything but the brat again. So I may just have to take one for the team.

          1. We purchased a Groupon for this place on a whim and my o my but we have enjoyed eating here over and over. Wish I had purchased 20 Groupons! So now we happily pay full price. Trying to eat my way through the menu, but some of the things we first tried are so delicious I go in with the best of intentions and fail miserably when I order the same thing over again.

            Frankly I think the pizza is some of the best I have had outside of Boston, different, but the crust is thin yet has a nice chewiness and great taste. I don't like pizza toppings served on a cracker! We have tried the lamb, and the one with basil a few times, always delicious. Different but just as tasty as can be.

            Had the soup special one night, gumbo that was fantastic. It takes a very special restaurant gumbo for me to say that.

            Can't seem to get past the sausage board with the homemade pickles and those yummy little BBQ links, the anduille, the brats, the boudin, smoked sausage. Can't remember all the different ones we have tried over the visits they have different ones all the time, but those little smokies are killer.

            Next we can't seem to get past the BBQ brisket sandwich, particularly with the parmesan truffle chips. Wow, just a tasty tasty bunch of food for your mouth and happy happy tummy and brain to boot.

            Went back this past Friday, and wasn't too hungry so I tried the Mac and Cheese. Delicious once again. Rich, no cheddar, different buy yum.

            Honestly I can't think of one thing I have eaten there that wasn't just delicious. We usually sit at the bar. I don't drink beer, but hubby says they have great unusual beers on tap that he enjoys a great deal. I had some Wisconsin White Whiskey one night that was outstanding. Smooth, sightly sweet hootch about 2 days old as far as I could figure. How surprised am I that Crescent Pie had something odd and yet delicious on their menu/shelf? Not a bit.

            Every time I go there I think I have this place figured out, know what to order, know what to expect. Then they surprise me with something as simple as Mac and Cheese or a Brisket Sandwich or a pizza. We will just keep returning, keep being fed great food, sip on a different kind of beer or drink and leave full and happy. I would be happy to take anyone here just to see that look of surprise on their face at the first bit or sip or crunch of pizza crust.

            I think you will surprised and happy too. Casual place, decent casual service, reasonable prices. Enjoy!


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              I agree with this 100%. I also love their Wednesday lunch special-- soup of the day (which is always stellar), salad, and grilled cheese. So good.

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                I forgot to mention one night we ordered dessert, which we rarely do. Actually my hubby and an out-of-town guest went there without me and ordered it. They came in the door just oohing and ahhing about this fabulous dessert they had shared, so the next time I went I made a point to order it.

                It was a cheesecake made with stout(?), some type of dark beer anyway. Can't even describe what it tasted like, but we scarfed every morsel and licked the chocolate drizzles off the plate with our fingers. One of the best and most different desserts I have ever eaten. Not too sweet, great texture, creamy and crumbly (similar to New York cheesecake texture), sort of chocolately from the beer. HIGHLY recommend. Made me want to try some of their other desserts as well, I just never come close to being hungry enough to eat dessert after eating the entrees. Next time I will just have to have dessert first, then order food.

                I am a grownup after all, I can eat my dessert first....