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Jan 26, 2010 07:03 AM

Valentine 40th Anniversary Dinner on Los Olas - Ft. Lauderdale

We will be celebrating our 40th anniversary on Valentine's Day. We are looking for a restaurant recommendation in walking distance to The Riverside Hotel that is worthy of such a special anniversary.

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  1. Johnny V ....I would think that would fill the bill. Almost next door.

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      1. re: joda

        I hope you have a lovely evening. BTW, congratulations on 40 years. LMF

    1. Johnny V is Ok, but haven't found the value meets the price. A few blocks east (on Las Olas) is Mancini's. It's probably a 5 min. walk and it's good, great atmosphere. Actually the Indigo at the Riverside is also very good. If it's a nice evening tell them it's your anniversary and ask for a romantic table outside. Their service is fantastic. Happy anniversary!

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        I second Indigo. Service is really good and so is the food. I had great food at Mancini's but terrible service! Not just with one staff member either, from start to finish I felt the service at Mancini's was awful.

      2. For a 40th I would go more low key and romantic. Johnny V is nice but small and loud. DEFINITELY, Las Olas Cafe, which at one time was voted most romantic restaurant on Las Olas. The food is top notch and check out the pics of the dining room and courtyard which would certainly be more youyr speed!!!!!!!

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          I second Las Olas Cafe. It is a very cute and romantic spot and the food is really good. The menu doesn't really change much but that won't be an issue for you. The service is just outstanding. Ask for Jonathan. He is one of the best servers we have ever had.

          In my opinion, Mancini's is extremely overpriced and the food really isn't that great. I think Rino's Tuscan Grill is much better. The service is wonderful and the food is outstanding. Actually, that is a very romantic place as well especially if you sit by the little canal.

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            I agree about Mancini's being overpriced with mediocre food. I think that Johnny V, outside is lovely and romantic with good food, to boot. In fact, that is where we are going for Valentine's Day!