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Jan 26, 2010 06:44 AM

Need to remember a restaurant in LV - Russian

My wife and I went to a Russian restaurant in Vegas about a year ago (maybe 1 1/2) and she loved it. Cant remember the name but it was way off strip and in a small plaza. Very russian looking inside and the food was great.
Returning for a conference in early Feb and she would like to return. Anyone know what I'm looking for??
Thanks for the assist.

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  1. Two possibilities come to mind - Matryoshka was open around that time, 7700 S. Las Vegas Boulevard, but they are no more. The other is Artem (4825 W. Flamingo), which was formerly known as Eliseevsky.

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      Thanks. I appreciate the info.

    2. I have a feeling you are thinking of Artem ("way off the strip."). Have you eaten there since the change, QAW? I haven't, and wondered if this was a change of chef along with the name change.

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        I was told that it was a partial ownership change but not a kitchen change, with the menu staying the same. Have not had a chance to dine there in a few years, so they will have to go on the list of things to do in 2010.

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          Talked with the wife, looked at maps and she thinks Artem is correct.
          We appricate everyones help.

      2. We ate there not too long after the ownership changed and the menu changed a lot more than I would have liked. This was a while ago, so maybe they have brought back some of my favorites, but I'm not sure. They told us they were trying a more continental menu. It was a big disappointment for me. Just a fair warning.

        1. I think you are probably thinking of the Moroccan restaurant Marrakech. Its on Paradise and Twain.

          1. I was at Artem a few months ago and was hugely disappointed. I was told it was an excellent restaurant but when we got there the food was awful.

            I did get the story on what happened though. Artem was the original owner and had indeed created a wonderful and authentic kitchen. The inside of the place is amazing. Looks just like a traditional Russian wooden hut. Loved it.

            Anyway, Artem, who was in his early 30's died of a massive heart attack while swimming laps. His father became owner of the restaurant and renamed if to Artem in his son's honor. But he did not have the heart to run it. So he sold it off to an interest group.

            I met them when I was there. They were business people rather than restaurateurs. They had eliminated most of the interesting dishes on the menu and had replaced them with items that could be bought as mass produced. Food was disappointingly greasy. Flavors were off.

            I would recommend skipping it.

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              It's a sad story, but thanks so much for sharing it.