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Jan 26, 2010 06:31 AM

Goose fat

I think I heard somewhere that goose fat is actually good for you in some way, something to do with omega 6 or something. Just looked on Wikipedia, but can't see anything. Does anyone have information on goose fat and health?

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  1. Good for you in comparison to butter or lard, maybe. Here's some info I found by googling "nutrition in goose fat"

    Although animal fats are often considered to be ‘bad fats’, goose fat is one of the better ones and contains far fewer saturated fats than butter or lard. Goose Fat contains 32.7g Saturated Fat per 100g compared with 54g for Butter and 40.8g for Lard.
    Goose Fat is high in ‘heart healthy’ monounsaturated (55g compared to 19.8g in butter) and polyunsaturated fats (10.8g compared to 2.6g in butter).
    Goose Fat is also rich in Oleic acid C18.1 (a specific type of monounsaturated fatty acid) which can lower blood cholesterol levels. Goose Fat contains on average 58% oleic acid, C18.1, and is generally higher in comparison to other animal fats.

    1. Whether an animal -- goose or not -- contains high amounts of certain Omega 6 acids will invariable turn on their diet. This is why people prefer grass-fed as opposed to grain fed beef -- the former is higher in Omega 6 acids because of their diet.

      That said, goose fat (as well as duck fat) is generally quite high in polyunsaturated fats, which are heart healthy fats (and contain a positive ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 acids).

      Read all about goose fat here: and about different types of fats here:

      1. Excellent! Thanks both! Seems like goose fat is really worth it!

        *edit* how much fat is it reasonable to use for potatoes? I use about a thrid of a can for about 6-7 medium potatoes worth of roasters (cut into two or so). Is that about normal?

        *edit 2* blimey, that second link is enlightening. I mean I don't believe everything I read, but there are certainly sources at least. I think it's worth considering what it says. Don't eat loads of fat, but when you do, make sure it's the right kind. There's no way I can avoid animal fat on my current diet, and nor do I want to, but I can certainly avoid high-sugar and processed foods (exceptions: Bread, homemade and not, and homemade desserts (probably less sugar and higher quality than shop-bought).

        Makes me feel quite good about it all :) Thanks for cheering me up!