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Morton's Downtown suggestions?

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I let hubby pick our dinner for the Thursday before Valentine's this year and he's chosen Morton's. (He's been a little bitter ever since we changed from Morton's to Charlie Palmer at the last minute a few years ago and both hated CP.)
Anyway, I'm fine with it b/c I love steak - and we have a gift certificate. But I'm just curious - any particular appetizers, sides, cuts of steak that you have personally loved? He always goes for the filet, but I tend to branch out more depending on the restaurant's specialties.


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  1. I am partial to NY strip. With the dry aging, it's nice and beefy tasting.

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      I've had better luck at the Connecticut Ave. location than Georgetown. I prefer the ribeye.

    2. I've always been partial to the bone-in ribeye prepared pittsburgh style.

      1. I am not a fan of the place, but I was with a client recently and there was a prime bone-in filet. I was lucky enough to have it cooked right and it was delicious. Don't see a cut like that often, it was a good special.

        1. The rib-eye is the steak to get - rare. The bone-in is better, but the small is 16 oz., so... I am a great believer in creamed spinach with steak, and it is quited good at Morton's. The potatoes are not so great.

          1. I once had venison on special that was great.

            1. Shrimp Alexander is nice as an appetizer. In addition to the creamed spinach mentioned before I like the sauteed button mushrooms as a side.

              If you want an alternative to beef the Double Rib Lamb Chops are great. Don't order past medium rare.

              1. Excellent - thanks guys. I might do the ribeye myself then (unless I get lucky with a bone-in filet on the menu!) And I'll see if we might try the creamed spinach - neither of us are usually fans, but if it's good . . . hubby will be sad that potatoes are not so great though!