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Jan 26, 2010 05:23 AM

Best "one" non-stick pan to have for eggs, omelets, etc

I don't like non-stick. I like stainless/ply pans. However, I have come to admit I probably want one non-stick frying pan with low sides strictly for omelets, eggs, and possibly some fish dishes.

I've owned non-stick pans in the past and they all lose their coating and get beat up... but what is the best I can do in terms of durability and performance without breaking the bank? I've invested a lot in SS pans... so I'd prefer this to be reasonably priced and durable.

is there a specific pan you love just for delicate egg cookery and that will last for years? I'd definitely want it to be shaped in such a way that is very good for omelets so I can slide them right out of the pan.

I already have planned to buy this frying pan for general frying / everyday use:

But it's stainless and has a handle on the back side, so I'm not sure it will be ideal for omelets and eggs. Or will it be just fine?

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    Actually I might just get this pan (10 inch carbon steel pan from de buyer)... I have a de buyer crepe pan and it's amazing, and the crepes don't stick at all, they slide right out. Also high heat is OK.

    In fact, I might just get the de buyer 12.5 inch and call it a day... it seems like it's good for any frying and so I might not even get the Demeyere one above.

    1. Yep. Go to your nearest restaurant supply store. For about $10-15, you can get a nice thick-bottom aluminum non-stick pan. No brand name, and with a metal handle (that will get screaming hot, so be careful).

      Best part? When it finally scratches (which it will, eventually, just depends on how careful you are), you won't feel bad tossing it in the trash.

      1. Like you I avoid non-stick but I have a Calphalon Contemporary omelette pan for the uses you mention that I like very much (with well fitting glass lid). And at very competetive prices on Amazon. For more general frying I use LC enameled iron.

        1. Actually I decided to get two of these World Cuisine pans. Cheap, and good for more than just eggs. A lot of restaurants use these:

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            You realize that's carbon steel, not nonstick, right?

            Here's the one I use, from the same site:


            Heavy duty aluminum with a thick and fairly durable nonstick layer. I take reasonable care of the pan (avoiding metal utensils), but certainly don't baby it. I'm on my second, and it's near the end of its useful life; each has lasted 10 years or so.

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              I do realize but in my experience the crepe pan I have which is the same material, doesn't stick. I might consider the one you linked, though.

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                Everybody's got an opinion on the issue; mine is that for egg cookery, nonstick can't be matched. Carbon steel is about as good as it gets otherwise, but the difference is still night and day.

          2. I bought the DeBuyer crepe pan and it's fantastic for eggs and omelettes; also have a carbon steel pan but I find I still need a non-stick when I do delicate fish.

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              I have a 9 in de buyer I use for small omelets, and a 14 inch for big omelets - works great!!