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Jan 26, 2010 05:20 AM

Wineberry Box Wine

Just started to see these interesting boxed wines (3L bag-in-box) around here. They are packaged in real wooden boxes, and all feature French wines from real producers. Imported by Wineberry. I tasted the 06 Moulin de Roquille Bordeaux and it was quite good! Anyone else try these wines yet?

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  1. YES! My husband and I received a box of the 2008 Les Maines Bordeaux and it is GREAT! We are almost done with our box (It's been open for more than a month and STILL hasn't turned!) and I'm trying to find somewhere online, or in NYC to purchase another one.

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      Looks like they have the Moulin de Roquille box at Astor, though I'm not sure about the others.