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Jan 26, 2010 03:48 AM

Briarcliff Indoor Farmer's Market-- too popular for it's own good?

I've gone the last three weeks, since it opened, and each time it's become more crazy-- to the point where I am finding myself rethinking the idea of going. Getting there 5 minutes early, and needing to park down the street-- then being 40th in line (and thus 20th in line at either of the two go-to spots once you get in-- the fish stand being one of them). Not being able to squeeze past the parallel lines of patient customers-- I'm REALLY glad they are so popular, but this is nuts.

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  1. How true! I got there at 1045 last week, and ALL the fish/seafood was already sold out (except a little flounder roe?!?!). I was only able to get EXTRA large eggs. Thank goodness for Bobolink--a chunk of foret and a cranberry walnut stick made the trip worth it.

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      I feel the same way. I walked in...and then walked out. I'm delighted that it's so popular but I just can't stand fighting the crowds. Not sure what the solution is, though a larger venue certainly seems in order!

    2. I completely agree. They desperately need a larger venue. The cramped quarters have made what used to be a leisurely Saturday activity into a stressful chore, not too mention that along with the patient customers you mention, there are also plenty of rude people who have no qualms about shoving people out of their way.

      I'm so, so happy that it's so popular, and I will keep going because I have become very loyal to some of the vendors, but it's no longer as enjoyable for me. May can't come soon enough...

      ETA: Has anyone been to Mt. Kisco? Is it less crowded?

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        How about John Jay? Maybe that one is less crowded, too. Anyone know?

      2. Indeed it is a zoo, at least when it first opens. The demand far outstrips supply and the venue's capacity. I was there 2 weeks ago at 11 a.m.--parking was a breeze, at least. But no fish, no chicken, and no bread at Bread Alone. On the other hand, it was such a civilized experience I may just start going then--I can still get my salad greens, Bobolink cheese, eggs, and other things. The lines at 9 a.m. are really unbearable. Perhaps next year some other indoor venues will open?

        1. Here's a little secret-- The Mt Kisco and Katonah-Lewisboro Markets haven't been discovered by the hordes yet and are not nearly as busy but offer the same range of products-parking is never an issue...not yet anyway.

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              I just returned from the Mt Kisco farmers market, and what a relief it was. No crowds, but enough traffic that it didn't feel lonely. The farmers there were really grateful for the business since it's been kind of slow. There was a good selection of bread (Bread Alone and Orwashers as well as Merediths), cheese, Indian food, plants, wine, meat, nuts, pickles, and produce. I'll absolutely be going there instead of Briarcliff from now on. I imagine the situation is similar up at John Jay--any reports?

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                Can you pls tell me where the MK market is? Is it only on Sats? Time?

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                    The Boys and Girls Club is a great location. Plenty of parking, and Flying Pig has a cafe there, so you can get a cup of coffee or something there after shopping.

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                      We went to Briarcliff today, and while there was no Bread Alone (and we weren't in the market for fish, so I didn't even look), we got the salad greens, cheese and pies (on sale!) that we craved, so it is what you make of it (like life...)

          1. I don't know if it was the cold, but yesterday was not nearly as bad as it has been the past few weeks. I got everything I needed (and then some!) except for my Cowberry Crossing fix. It seems like they've been alternating weeks, perhaps? I had some pork chops from there a few weeks ago and they were unbelievable.

            While I am definitely going to check out Mt. Kisco, it's a huge difference in terms of time commitment for me-- Briarcliff is 5 minutes away from me, and I've been in and out in under a half hour each time, whereas I'd have to drive 20 minutes each way to Mt. Kisco... so I'll suck it up and just go to Briarcliff.

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              Cowberry Crossing said he'd be there only every other week for a while.

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                Cowberry Crossing is so amazing and I am sooo happy we have them at this market. Their pork is unlike any pork I've ever had-- it needs NOTHING other than salt and pepper. We got spare ribs this week and I can't wait to devour them with some Guyank Tange BBQ sauce!