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Jan 25, 2010 11:20 PM

BLD Restaurant: "Baby Grace" - Has anyone been? Feedback, please?

I stumbled across an interview with Grace owner/chef Neal Fraser and discovered that he also owns BLD, located just down the block. Whaddaya know, a “Baby Grace”. Has anyone been? Breakfast/brunch seem to be the strong points and the menu looks wonderfully inviting. Feedback, please?

7450 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90036

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  1. It's been there a while but I just finally got around to trying it for breakfast this past weekend. It was packed with a 20 min wait for a table inside but luckily we got one outside right under a heat lamp so it wasn't too bad.

    I got the blueberry ricotta pancakes and even though blueberries are not really a favorite of mine, I loved this dish and ate almost every bit of it myself. Light but not foamy (as I find Square One's pancakes to be), crisp bits all over the top, it came with soft butter and good maple syrup. What more do you need? The other at my table had the pastry trio of coffee cake(meh), ham and cheese croissant(not good), and the kouign amann(warm and AWESOME). I need to come back for more of them pancakes, soon!

    1. Ive been a few times for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I like it a lot. My chick is a vegetarian and there are plenty of options---even a few for the vegans. Im a glutton and there are plenty of things for me too. Very reasonable wines by the glass, a few tricky cocktails, and some booze spiked milkshakes.
      I think the Chef de Cuisine just got some Rising Star Chef award. I would only whine about one thing: Fried chicken is only fried chicken when it comes on a bone.
      Other than that, I routinely drive from the top of Bel Air just to relax and eat there.

      1. BLD opened three and a half years ago and it bears almost no similarity to Grace. I live up the block so have probably been there 30 or 40 times.

        I gave up on dinner long ago after being consistently underwhelmed.

        Lunch is hit or miss, though, for me, also mostly disappointing.

        Breakfast is the one consistent winner here -- hence the line on weekends. The blueberry ricotta pancakes are in fact amazing. Their egg sandwich is also quite good. Though both of the breakfast potato choices usually come out cold and flavorless (no easy feat when there's chorizo in one of them). But the cream cheese & chive biscuit more than makes up for that lapse... Like the pancakes, it is nearly transformative.

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          Exactly! It's a great breakfast place, especially the ricotta pancakes and the biscuits (which is also done well at BoHo in Hollywood). Lunch and dinner are blah. Too expensive for what you actually get. I would walk down the street two blocks west to Terroni for a better night scene and better food.

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            Agree on the great breakfast; and as wutzizname alludes, there are no lines on weekdays. Hence, it is a good place for business breakfasts.

          2. went there for a group dinner recently. not that exciting. expensive charcuteries, not a lot on the plate.

            1. We love brunch at BLD. Fantastic blueberry-ricotta pancakes as mentioned and excellent variations of Egg Benedicts, if your taste run that way. Prepare for a wait but worth it, IMO.