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Jan 25, 2010 09:00 PM

Chinese in D.C. that isn't Full Kee

Have been to Full kee three times on a recommendation from someone...and found it underwhelming. loved the shiitake shroom and spinach dish, roast duck was overcooked, and what i went for was the noodle soup, which tasted like the stock was rotten. also had dumplings, which were clearly of the frozen variety.
Can anyone recommend any restaurants in the DC area? looking specifically for some flavorful soup, peking duck, and good dumplings. thanks in advance, and happy eating!

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  1. The best and most famous Chinese restaurants are in the suburbs of D.C. Joe's Noodle House and A & J, both in the Rockville area, are solid. Happy eating!

    p.s. I also find Full Key underwhelming. There is decent dim sum across from the Chinatown Metro station, above a Mongolian Grill place. Forget the name, sorry.

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      I've been to the place across the street above the Mongolian place and I'm pretty sure it's called Tony Cheng's. It's above average Chinese during regular hours but also slightly above average prices than say for a place like Full Kee. BUT, I've been on Sunday brunch for Dim Sum and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

      Maybe some others will be able to add some thoughts.

      Full Kee Restaurant
      509 H St NW, Washington, DC 20001

    2. Best dumplings in DC proper are probably at Chinatown Express, around the corner from Full Kee. Most of the good Chinese has moved out to the burbs, though.

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      1. Great Wall on 14th is the only decent chinese within the District (in my opinion). Otherwise you have to go to the burbs.

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          I love Great Wall, but I'm not sure it's where I'd order Peking Duck. But the ma la menu is good, and so are the noodle dishes and the pot stickers. I also think their hot and sour soup is sufficiently, you know, hot and sour to make it better than average. Their delivery is also lightning-fast. Also, they have their off days. Just FYI.

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            Tony Cheng's has a pretty good Peking Duck.

          2. re: scotcheroo

            Great Wall was once good. It's now very mediocre; even the ma la menu (which is pretty limited) underwhelmed on my last two visits.

          3. Not sure about the items requested but I liked Eat First in DC.

            1. EAT FIRST and CHINATOWN EXPRESS in chinatown are both outstanding

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              1. re: dining with doc

                I second Chinatown Express - I love their vegetable "noodles in soup" with lots of their table-top condiments stirred in, and their dumplings - I also love the fact that both cost $5.00 and their service (at least for these items) is really fast.