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Jan 25, 2010 08:48 PM

Plumed Horse in Saratoga?

Has anyone been here recently? If yes, would you recommend the tasting menu?

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  1. Does a year ago count? The tasting menu was very nice (not as inventive as Manresa, nor as snazzy as Cyrus, but pretty and delicious). I wasn't impressed with some of the wine pairings, but the sommelier kindly offered to substitute a couple of them for me. Next time, I'm ordering a la carte because some of the dishes on the regular menu looked gorgeous (esp. the lobster pot pie). The main room is lovely and quiet - perfect for a special occasion or date with someone you enjoy talking with.

    1. I've been here several times for special wine events (with a custom tasting menu). Each time was a memorable occasion. I'd certainly recommend it without any caveats.