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Jan 25, 2010 08:31 PM

Victoria - Tapas Bar Bottomless Soup

During my 2002 summer holiday, I worked in a shop in Trounce Alley. It was during that summer that I became addicted to what I still consider to be Victoria's Best Lunch - bottomless soup at Tapas Bar. I am a MAJOR soup fan (I have literally gone for weeks eating nothing but homemade soup and bread for both lunch and dinner) and can say without a doubt that I have never eaten soup as yummy as Tapas Bar soup (plus the bread is great!). In particular, any of their creamy tomato varieties are indescribable. And that is my problem- I cannot describe the taste. I'm sure there is about a pound of butter in every bowl, topped with a litre of cream... but there is still a unique flavour to the soups (especially the tomato ones) that I have never tasted anywhere else. Does anyone know the secret ingredient? I've been thinking about the soup I ate over Christmas for days now... it's pointless trying to re-create it at home (in Alberta... otherwise I would just go there and eat it!) because it will never compare. HELP!

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  1. You're grounded too, can't afford jet-A?

    I miss that "Ferris' oyster place." That was one of my favorite meals world wide. It was probably around four years ago.

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      Don't worry, Ferris' oyster bar is still there, and going strong!