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Jan 25, 2010 07:29 PM

San Diego Convention Center -- Resturant recommendations where a local would go

Help! Will be at a convention downtown and want to eat in a great restaurant that the locals know but the conventioneers don't. Any kind of food would work although sushi, Mexican and Asian would be my top priorities

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  1. These recs don't fall into the categories you are ideally looking for but I highly recommend Cowboy Star and Cafe Chloe which are walking distance from the convention center. I also recommend Hane Sushi in Banker's Hill which is maybe a $8-10 cab ride from the Convention Center. EXCELLENT Sushi. Good luck.

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      Cowboy Star is the only place I've been to near the convention center that I would feel comfortable recommending. It's a pretty decent steakhouse.

    2. I second both Cowboy Star (steakhouse) and Cafe Chloe (french). Cafe Chloe is small and does not have a full bar if that is of importance to you. Also just a short cab ride from downtown is Cucina Urbana, their food is great.

      1. Will you have a car? How far are you willing to travel or take public transportation?

        1. Oceanaire doesn't get the love on this board like it did a year ago.

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            How has it been since Malarkey left and their chain started failing? I haven't been in probably at least a year.

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              Had dinner at Oceanaire on Saturday the 16th. It's been somewhat hit and miss the last 18-24 months, but they were right on that night. We had a large group so I tried the steamers (some of the best I've had in years – as a native Washingtonian, I'm pretty picky on that front), a couple of the salads that were fresh and well dressed, the crab cake (that honestly has never disappointed) and friends had the oysters on our waiter's recommendation -- they were very happy with the selection. My entree was the diver scallops on parsnip puree with a blackberry sauce -- and wow -- they were perfect. We also had a couple of desserts that we shared which ended the night perfectly. As always, the service was spectacular.

              I have to say, I'll be back sooner than later.

            2. Primary, I'm sure a little more detail would elicit some great rec's (especially from a number who've already responded).

              1) Are you looking for walking distance (ie. in gaslamp or downtown) or are you willing to drive for a great meal.

              2) Do you have a preference for type of place (sit down dinner vs hole in the wall with great food

              3) Price (is this a nice dinner with business associates, or a solo mission for great grub etc).

              I trust with these type of details you will get more than enough rec's to fill your trip.