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Jan 25, 2010 06:42 PM

Looking for a weeklong advanced amateur cooking course in Italy (preferably Tuscany)

I'm looking for a weeklong advanced amateur cooking course in Italy (preferably Tuscany, but other locations would be fine as well); I'd rather err on the side of cooking more rather than less, with the goal of getting a decent grounding in basic Italian cuisine by the end. Anyone have any leads?


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  1. I can't give you this as my personal recommendation, because I haven't taken a cooking class here. But I have to say I would rather learn to cook the food of Lazio than the food of Tuscany (although this area of Lazio is perhaps more rightly viewed as Etruscan):

    Others may quarrel, but I don't think it's possible to get a "a decent grounding in basic Italian cuisine" through any one cooking course in Italy, unless it's at the Accademia Barilla:

    because there is no "Italian cuisine." The regional cuisines of Italy are wildly and importantly varied, dictated by geography and conquerors.

    Do you know what kind of "Italian" food you like best? Pesto? Meats? Lamb dishes? Beans?

    Although I would prefer the foods of Lazio over those of Tuscany, I think I most might enjoy learning how to cook like they do in Southern Italy, especially Campagna, especially by the sea:

    1. I'd been looking for week or month long courses myself, and I would be interested to hear what you find. One place I found is the Gambero Rosso which has classes at campuses in Naples and Rome. There are some classes with multiple sessions. Most classes are for nonprofessionals but it's also a professional school. It looks pretty good but, but I have yet to experience it firsthand. Maybe somebody out there can enlighten us.

      1. You can contact Toscana Mia . You can check the comments also on TripAdvisor

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