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Jan 25, 2010 06:37 PM

Non Parishable Gift from Chicago

I am driving through Chicago in a week and would like to pick up some small gifts for family on my way through. Any suggestions you recent thread links would be greatly appreciated.

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    1. re: Missy2U

      I thought about Garrett's ( ) too. However, while it's not perishable in that it doesn't require refrigeration, it can get stale pretty quickly (i.e. after a couple of days), especially if you only leave it in their paper bags. You may want to bring a few thick ziplock type freezer bags with you to keep it airtight if it won't be consumed immediately. Oh, and buy an extra bag to eat in the car on the way, because you won't be able to resist doing so. :)

      If you go, their most popular items are caramel popcorn, cheese popcorn, and a mix of those two. They also have caramel cashew popcorn and caramel pecan popcorn.

      1. re: nsxtasy

        Ya I also thought of Garrett's as I always stop there anyway, but Agree that the texture would suffer, and wouldn't want them to eat Garret's unless it was anything but perfect. The mix is a gift from food heaven. I love Chicago.

        1. re: mlukan

          It comes in tins too. That would keep it fresher.

    2. Some of us don't consider Frango mints to be an authentic Chicago item any more, but if you and your friends are not too picky about that, they're easy to pick up if if you can stop at a (cough) Macy's.

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      1. re: solon

        Definitely not Frango's. Although they are once again being produced in Chicago it's much like a car that was stolen and returned to you a year later. It may well be the same car in the same condition but it won't feel the same anymore. Plus, I believe every Macy's store in the nation now carries them.

        1. re: ferret

          Get a big jar of Giardeniere Peppers. Italian delis will sell you a GALLON.

          1. re: dramisino

            I second this. Living in the UK part of the year, anytime someone visits me I ask them to bring a jar :)

      2. Oh - Frontera Grill has a bunch of stuff - salsas, soups, bbq and grill sauces - check the website or hit the restaurant.

        1. Thought of something else (after reading it in the Sun Times Food Section yesterday) - maybe some Margie's Candy?

          1. How about chocolates from one of our best local artisanal chocolatiers?

            Belgian Chocolatier Piron (Evanston) -
            Vosges Chocolate (Chicago/Lincoln Park and Chicago/Michigan Avenue) -
            Canady le Chocolatier, Ltd. (Chicago/South Loop) -

            For details, links, and discussion, see

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            1. re: nsxtasy

              I was told to get their Bacon Chocolate - Vosges.

              1. re: itryalot

                Love the bacon chocolate bar. Not enough bacon for my taste, but, definitely my fave.