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Jan 25, 2010 05:09 PM

Source for French garlic sausage, South Bay

I'm looking for fresh French garlic sauce in the Palo Alto/Mtn. View area or the Fremont/Union City/Newark area. I want to make cassoulet but don't know where to find the sausage.

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  1. Fabrique Delices makes Saucisson a l'ail (French garlic sausage). I've not tried it. Sold at various retailers, at the factory, or farmers markets.

    Fabrique Delices
    1610 Delta Ct # 1, Hayward, CA

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      He's usually at the Saturday Sunnyvale F's Mkt.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        It's also at the Sunday MV market.

      2. Try Dittmers in Mountain View too. They list garlic sausage on their website, although I haven't had it myself. I've tried several other sausages they make and can vouch for the overall quality of their stuff.

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        1. re: Shane Greenwood

          I haven't tried the garlic sausage there either, but do remember that Dittmers is German (though they have a wide range of sausages that goes beyond that). So don't get your hopes up too high in case it's not quite authentic.

        2. I've been making cassoulet for many years, and any good spicy sausage will do.

          1. Draeger's in Menlo Park carries Fabrique Delices products, including both Saucisson a l'Ail and Duck Leg Confit. The sausage is $12 per pound.

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            1. re: DebL

              Happy cassoulet-making! Pls do report back on what you think of the quality.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Since I have nothing to compare it with, I'll be shooting blind--the last time I had cassoulet must have been 30 years ago! I remember it tasted heavenly, though.