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Jan 25, 2010 04:16 PM

Chicken cutlet sandwich

Hello, Chowhounders.

A (hopefully) simple query: Where in Montreal might I find a decent chicken cutlet sandwich?

Thank you for your help.

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  1. fried chicken breast? Cavallaro in Westmount.

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    1. re: C70

      What I mean is a New York deli-style chicken cutlet sandwich, with breaded and fried chicken. Kind of like this:

      1. re: sendonedollartohappydude

        I haven't seen this too much in Montreal, but the chicken schnitzel cutlets they sell at the takeout counter at Delly Boys in Cote-St-Luc are quite good and not too expensive, and I sometimes pick up some to make a sandwich with.

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          yes, Cavallaro can make that for you. they have roasted peppers for garnish, as well as lettuce, tomato & cheese, and a good selection of rolls.

        2. re: C70

          Cavallaro is decent, but not anything above time to visit there is during world cup, Euro cup soccer matches....

        3. Chez Benny on Queen Mary or on St. Louis in St. Laurent does a very decent chicken shnitzel. They fry up a generous portion that you can have on baguette, in pita, in laffa or just shnitzel on a plate and you can dress your plate or sandwich with a variety of toppings, including first rate hummus, tehina, eggplant, babaganouj, salad, etc. Couple that with their excellent fries and you will be very happy. Also - the chicken is kosher. Their website with pictures:

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            Thanks......the Queen Mary site had an acceptable shnitzel, but I would not go back for it.....still looking

          2. Where I have been going for the last 20 years is Slovenia on Clark, a good butcher on one side and a small stand up restaurant on the other.Also note great sausage sandwiches that go down well with a Cotts Black Cherry.Enjoy

            1. The smoked meat/sandwich stall at the train station near Place Ville-Marie (Gare centrale?) has them. It was my preferred option when going to the train station for lunch while working nearby.

              1. Good news!
                I just had lunch at a new Iranian resto on Sherbrooke W (6107), sat outside, and had a GREAT chicken shnitzl sandwich....tasty/good value....also enjoyed bean soup, eggplant dish (#3) and draft German beer. Good people, and great value

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                1. re: CMT

                  Are you talking about Restaurant Bratwurst or is there some more recent German-Iranian restaurant on Sherbrooke West?

                  1. re: CMT

                    Is this the old German Bratwurst location?
                    I have a friend who says they have a killer tongue sandwich. He also says they have a fried brain sandwich that really takes him back to Iran.
                    I have yet to try.

                    1. re: porker

                      This is it....they have german beer on tap.....recently returned for soups (very filling) and sandwich......still a winner in this category

                      1. re: CMT

                        The chicken cutlet sandwich here is very good :

                        Via Pizza
                        (514) 321-3636

                        4711 Rue D'Amiens
                        Montréal-Nord, QC H1H3J7