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Jan 25, 2010 04:06 PM

meatballs or smokies in jelly and chili sauce-grape jelly?

i've been asked to make these and does it have to be grape? could you use a berry jelly? not strawberry but...

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  1. I've used canned cranberry sauce, not grape jelly...if you need exact recipe, let me know but I know it's out there on the 'net.

    1. I am making these for Super Bowl....Little Smokies in a sauce of Cranberry Jelly (in a Can) and Chili Sauce (in a bottle). Make them in a crock pot and everybody loves them!!!

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        Yes, mine uses the cranberry sauce, chili sauce, brown sugar and lemon juice...makes for a very tasty pot of meatballs!

        1. re: Val

          These are the ones that I make too. I've always wondered about the ones with grape jelly, but I have never made or tasted them.

        2. re: christy1122

          Chili sauce - is that the ketchup-y kind? There's all kinds of stuff out there called "chili sauce".

          1. re: Sharuf

            Sharuf, yes, just the regular old Heinz could certainly jazz it up with another spicier brand!

        3. The first version of this I encountered was equal volumes of cranberry sauce and ketchup. Although I have a sweet tooth, I find that too sweet so I use equal volumes cranberry sauce, ketchup, and plain canned tomato sauce. I make meatballs from scratch and put them into the sauce to simmer, turning carefully when the bottom halves are firm. I do not cook them first.

          1. I've never heard of these and had them this past year during the holidays at a party I attended. I'm not knocking anyone that likes these, but I thought they were so weird tasting. For me its the grape jelly that has its own distinquishing taste, it was the most over powering component, cloying.

            Why not make a sweet and sour meatballs. There are a ton of easy recipes that if use a little brown sugar, pineapple, and a few other ingredients would be so much better.

            Someone suggested cranberry sauce, that would be a great flavor, the tartness would help with the sweetness.

            1. First time I had these, they were made with red currant jelly.