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Jan 25, 2010 03:55 PM

What is the shelf life for whole wheat couscous?

I tried whole wheat couscous for the first time tonight and was disappointed with the taste. I thought it tasted kinda soapy.

I noticed a post by greygarious that mentioned that whole wheat couscous can go rancid quickly and now I'm wondering if that's why it taste off. I bought it about 4 weeks ago at a very busy Whole Foods in their bulk section. I would think that the turnover would be great.

So now I'm trying to figure out if I just don't like whole wheat couscous. Love the regular kind but trying to be healthier.

I only used a little salt and pepper and water. I probably would have used chicken stock rather than water but wanted to see what it tasted like with water before I used my homemade stock. And didn't want to add herbs or anything else for the same reason.

What's your experience?

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  1. I've kept it for many months and haven't noticed any weird tastes. I think the taste and texture are pretty similar to white couscous, so it might be worth trying a boxed variety before you give up on it.

    I gotta ask-- any chance your pot was a little soapy?

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      No. The pot was clean. It's strange because I still have that odd taste on my tongue this morning. I'm going to try a package of Near East in a box the next time. Those boxes have a "best before" date.

      I'm leaning more toward the idea that the Whole Food bin had a rancid batch of this stuff.

    2. Bearzie:
      I have Rice Selects oganic whole wheat couscous. It was ordered several months ago, and shipped. I have a jar (plastic, screw-top) that has been open for several weeks or months and it's just fine.