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Where can I get a nice meaty smoked ham hock? Midtown/downtown Toronto preferred...

Want to make some split pea soup this week and I don't have a ham bone on hand...would like to get a good smoked ham hock to use instead...where do you get yours??


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  1. You can get them at a bunch of places. I've been smoking my own, but when I buy them, I usually pick them up at SLM. Forget the name of the butcher, but the one on the east side of the building at the South end has them. I don't recall any issues with the quality.

    1. Though not close, Brandt Meats factory store in Mississauga has killer smoked hocks--best I've had.

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        I would suspect that most smoked hocks you'll find are made by Brandt.

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          That's correct. If you want those, they are even available at T&T. I still have a few vac-packed and frozen ones from Milbree-Viking, those are probably priceless now.

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            Most Asian supermarkets in the East End are hock stockers. And since they also have salted varieties they also have hock stock in barrels.

      2. The best smoked ham hock I have had came from Frey's an old order Mennonite butcher in Mount Forest.
        It was ordered through www.beefconnections.ca
        It was full meaty, and smoked, and fully 12 inches long, just able to fit into a Creuset vessel. This was hock and shank in one piece, and rare, hard to find. They are HACCP certified, as good as you can get.
        It was not expensive , just hard to get. Frey's will answer a phone call, but internet is out, too modern. Call Alice to see if you can get one, and pick it up there.

        1. European Meats in Kensington has smoked hocks and other smoked meats

          1. Try the Prague Deli on Queen Street West - west of Bathurst
            also El Gaucho purveyors of a plethora of fine fresh sausages frequently have smoked pork hocks too at the Saturday St. Lawrence Market - north building
            PS the Prague apparently has a Saturday lunch special of roasted- until -crisp pork hock served with sauerkraut the nice lady behind the counter told my husband recently - planning to check that out soon with mustard, and rye bread all washed down with a cold Chechvar beer ....

            1. I get mine from Kingsway Meat Products at Bloor W and Wyndermere.

              Nice and big and meaty.

              PS. you can also roast them in the oven and eat them. Mrs. Sippi loves them like that.


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                Just a little update on this.

                I picked two up this week. They weigh almost 4 lbs. each and are beautiful.

                I have one roasting in the oven right now.


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                  Try also Beretta Farms for organic smoked hocks.

              2. Thanks all...I'll be downtown tomorrow and will either go to SLM or European in Kensington...

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                  European in Kensington.

                  You could buy a smoked picnic ham/shoulder, cook it for a meal and then use the bone for soup (best ham I've ever had - make sure you soak it overnight changing water several times though). You can also try their hot dogs (they're crisp unlike other hot dogs) while you're there.

                2. I found a large pork hock, home smoked, at Bruno's, Kingston Road and Rosebank, Pickering, and have it simmering in pea soup now. A great smoky aroma.
                  It was $5, and much larger than supermarket hocks. I had to cut into 4 pieces to accomodate the pot.
                  This Bruno's may not be the same as, or related to the chain Bruno's.

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                    I believe they are different...

                    http://www.brunosfinefoods.com/locati... (The 'chain'


                    http://www.brunos.ca/location.htm (Pickering


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