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Jan 25, 2010 03:09 PM

CURRY POINT[new sunnyside]

41-02 Greenpoint Ave (1 block east and 3 blocks south from 40th Street 7 stop)

I have not seen postings so far for this place - it's open for the past 4 weeks.
Can't review sorry but instead of a pizza slice from Mirabella today went to take a look.
Had 2 SHAMI KEBABS (just $2 each) - almost a good lunch amount - formidable great spicing.

Take away order took a while - lady explained to me that everything is prepared fresh (it was) which quite impressed me.

This place looks very promising!
All entrees under $9 (mostly $6-7); Lamb chops(3) - $9!!

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  1. this has been driving me nuts for weeks. I drove by and noticed it once and got excited. Since then I've driven by a dozen times and keep missing it! What did the location used to be? I've been hoping for something like that that delivers for ages.

    1. Just a brief follow-up.
      Tentative, but thinking we may have a real little treasure opening here. Like Spicy Mina!
      Sampled a few dishes now - the chicken and nan stuff.
      Fantastic spicing and the CHICKEN KARAHI the best I've ever had and a major spice kick though not vindaloo.
      For us non-SIETSMA people it's INDIAN but it's really PAKISTAN-BANGLADESHI.

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      1. re: micheal

        I work just south of here. Will give it a try, my usual Indian is a short drive to 5star Punjabi Diner.

        1. re: 2slices

          I went over the weekend and I was satisfied with my meal. I am very happy to see a decent and inexpensive Indian restaurant in Sunnyside. I went over the weekend for dinner. During the 45 minutes I was there, I'd say there was about a total of 5-7 other orders, both take-out and delivery.

          I ordered standard fare, just in case. Samosas, Tikka Misala, Naan, Rice. I shared all this with another person for a total of $13. It was all very good and large portions. The samosa was very good, the outside was light and crisp. It is not dense like the ones at Jackson Diner. They let us grab 2 waters on the house with our meal. It is a family run business and the employees were very polite.

          There are some vegetarian dishes in the front counter. But, everything we ordered was made-to-order in the kitchen, which is actually adjacent to the restaurant and not behind the counter. There are tables so you can eat in, but it's not a formal restaurant. We were given plastic utensils to use. However, all the food was served on big, white plates which gave it a cleaner and nicer presentation.

          I'd love to see this place do well, I had wished for a decent Indian restaurant in Sunnyside and my wish was granted.

          1. re: Linda

            Good to read a good experience, This place is a potential little SPICY MINA'S without all the drama. Amazing food with great spicing, emphasis on fresh and prices well where better for the quality?
            What can we do here to help a good place survive - no responses to our posts? Is there a website that CH-Queens prefer,Yelp etc. I really fear CH is missing the food community here.

            1. re: micheal

              I picked up Chicken Karahi, with some naan the other night. It was quite good. I think there has been a growing Bengali presence in Sunnyside for some time. That's probably why it has opened. That community and we CHers should be able to give Curry Point plenty of business. I'm ordering for delivery tonight.

              1. re: Paulomet

                Yelp? That's a low blow.

                I'll pop in for lunch soon. I've been eying it everyday as I drive by. Currently I do a weekly 5 Star Punjabi lunch and it's hard to get that off my schedule. I'll Be There like the Four Tops.

                1. re: 2slices

                  Garlic naan was great!

                  Chicken Karahi was very good, though I would have liked some potatoes in there. I ordered it off the menu. It was a good size portion, chicken was very tender and left on the bone. Didn't come with rice, but I think she just forgot.

                  BTW I got real dishes and real silver. I'm definitely going back. There was no one there at 1:30, but 2 people walked in, I guess just to grab menus.

                  1. re: 2slices

                    yes, I think she forgot; no rice for me first time I ordered also but given rice 2nd time.

                    1. re: micheal

                      I went back for visit #2 on a weekend night again. It was again, fairly quiet, so I do hope that business picks up. I noticed they posted pictures of food along the outside of the restaurant, perhaps to entice new customers?

                      I would hate to see a decent Indian place like Curry Point not survive. There seems to be a good number of places closing in Sunnyside in recent times, warranted or not (such as Sugar & Joe, Gray Point Thai, Nourish Health Food Store).

                      This time, the utensils were indeed silverware. They again gave me + companion 2 free drinks to have with our meal (we dined in). I don't know if this is a temporary thing or what, but I like it!

                      We ordered the Chicken Karahi, which was very good, I liked it better than the Chicken Tika Masala. Chicken was tender, fell off the bone. It came with a heaping plate of white rice and a small side of iceberg lettuce + cucumbers. They also gave a small plastic container of white yogurt. I had asked if they had a mango chutney or some sort of sweet sauce to use, but the lady said they did not.

                      The Tandoori Roti was very good, gigantic, warm. I was thinking about the Samosa all week, which is why I went back. Very crispy and good again. I also ordered the Chicken Samosa, which was also good. It was very mustard-y. I liked the Vegetable Samosa better. And $1 for a plate of 2 very delicious and hot Samosas is SO CHEAP!

                      Here's the info from the menu:

                      Curry Point Halal Grill
                      Open 7 Days
                      Free Delivery
                      41-02 Greenpoint Ave
                      Sunnyside, NY 11104

                      1. re: Linda

                        The comparisons with Spicy Mina are not apt.
                        Mina is a lot better than this place, even if it can be erratic.
                        We tried the basics and they were... fine. Samosas were not exceptional. Paneer was kinda mediocre. Chicken Tika was... ok.
                        The place will do in a pinch but c'mon, this is far from a special restaurant.
                        I just think our standards get altered by the communities we live in sometimes. Since there's no good Indian in Sunnyside, this place becomes somehow exciting...

                        1. re: MarcInSunnysideGardens

                          There were only a couple references to Spicy Mina, out of enthusiasm, I think. Anyway, it is nice to have a GOOD indian restaurant in the neighborhood, finally. I had samosas and tika last night and was very happy. There is no Paneer like Mina's though.

                          1. re: Paulomet

                            i never attempted to catch spicy mina at a good time, so i can't use that as a comparison. i usually go to the places in jackson heights and i think curry point is just as good, cheaper and closer.

                            i think the samosa is good for its price. i would gladly choose $1 samosa over [insert $1 item off fast food menu].

                            we are DEFINITELY trying to drum up some excitement for a more than just decent, but a GOOD indian place in sunnyside. i'm getting tired of my usual stand-bys in sunnyside and welcome any good new additions.

                            i don't see anything wrong with that...

                            1. re: Linda

                              Just curious, but since you guys are toward the south end if you haven't already, drop by Tropical II. Greenpoint and NE corner of the LIE exit. It's Ecuadorian with a big menu and good lunch specials. I've mentioned it here before and there is another branch on roosevelt. As someone who works on Review ave under the bridge I don't have many close options close by.

                              Most of the items on the menu are quite good, my favorite is a shrimp in spicy red sauce, can't remember the name. There are some greasy but very tasty short ribs that come on a sizzling plate. Anyway just thought I'd drop that.

                              1. re: 2slices

                                I've been many times. It's right there off the highway. The ceviche portions are huge. Quality can vary, but you're not going to starve. I like the goat stew (seco de chivo). There's is also a seafood paella-type of dish that we like. Basically seasoned rice with a lot of seafood. AND I like the seafood soup. The names of these dishes in Spanish escape me.

                                1. re: Silverjay

                                  You're right, quality in the meat or seafood can vary but the sauce and spices are always spot on. After writing that I went back for lunch just now. The shrimp I mentioned is camarones enchilado, and there was chicken soup special that was fantastic.

                              2. re: Linda

                                Finally made it down to Curry Point Halal Grill.

                                My bf and I ordered the following:

                                1) Garlic Naan - really good and super fresh - must get! While we were eating there, I noticed 2 other customers going into the place just to get naan for takeout.

                                2) Chapli Kabab - Ground Chicken mixed with Spices and Fried (Khyberi Style) - It was a bit greasy on top, so I patted it down with a napkin before we started eating. The kabab wasn't on stick as expected but was served looking like a thin chicken burger patty. (See picture). Anyway, it was REALLY good. Definitely a must get!

                                3) Beef Kofta (Ground Meat Balls in Sauce) - the beef balls were really fresh. The sauce was very well spiced. It was a bit too salty though, so it was a bit too overpowering. Otherwise, very good! Definitely will get this dish next time too!

                                4) Chicken Karahi (White Meat Chicken w. Fresh Tomatoes, Green Chillies, Ginger, and Spicy Herbs) - sauce tasted with pretty good spices; although it was entirely too salty. This dish was probably the most salty among everything we ordered. I would recommend this dish if it wasn't so salty. I liked the spices used in the sauce otherwise.

                                5) Chicken Tikka Masala (White Meat Chicken in Buttery Sauce with Fresh Herbs and Spices) - This was just OK to me. My favorite dish of all time is Chicken Makhani or Chicken Tikka Masala. I always order either of the two dishes and usually judge a place by how this particular dish is. This plate here fell a bit short of my expectations. As odd as it would sound, I would actually recommend that this plate needs butter.

                                Everything was nicely priced around $6 to $8 per entree! My bf and I would definitely return again to this place for the Garlic Naan, Chapli Kabab, and Beef Kofta. The Chicken Karahi, I might get again, but specifically request it to be less salty.

                            2. re: MarcInSunnysideGardens

                              Ms Spicy Mina began her NYC Odyssey in Sunnyside {Skilman I think] - Ok maybe Woodside but close. And we get fairly easy to JH or LES so the local palate (the communities we live in sometimes) is not of necessity delinquent in regard to what is good South Asian.

          2. I got some take-out from here yesterday & feel pretty positive about this place & will keep it on my short list of local takeout (they also deliver). I have very little background in Indian food so my appraisal fwiw is mostly based on freshness, spiciness & portion size, not "authenticity". They did pretty well in all 3 categories, although I would take exception to the characterization of them as "amazing" or like Spicy Minas. This seemed like home style cooking: basic, tasty & filling, not an unsatisfying thing.

            Like the local I Am Thai, or DeMole, Curry Point does a better than average, in fact pretty good version of the dishes I've tried, but like those others there is also no real complexity, eg., the addition of some herbs or chilis when the food gets home might help. I liked the Chicken Karahi as well & didn't find it too salty at all (but I like salty). The samosa was tasty & a deal for $1. I wasn't overwhelmed with the goat curry, mostly based on the bone to meat ratio, but maybe that is typical? I do appreciate that it is being offered & nothing was too oily, the feeling I've got at a lot of Indian places locally. The naan was made fresh for me & the basmati rice was very good.

            All in all I'm a fan & it definitely goes into my weekly after work rotation & I think local foodies should support this place. Just their menu listings of Goat Feet, Beef Feet & Steam Goat Roast is great! (No pork on menu.) Their ph# for delivery 718-786-9500

            I haven't given Sonali a chance yet, based, perhaps unfairly, on the first weeks reviews on here, Siestma's rec was puzzling in the aftermath so I will definitely step up soon, anyone else try it since & are they getting their act together?

            1. Brief comment: as i said previously was told "everything is prepared fresh" - obviously I'm only expecting that for samosa/dosa stuff. Well. several times ordered take-out and told ready in 5 min - definitely the stuff not prepared fresh and unpleasantly aged as well.
              What a pain - they start off great everything super-fresh and then crap out overnight.
              Numerous times I've forgiven them forgetting the rice with the entree; others on the site here have mentioned the little salad that accompanied entrees - this is now missing all the time. Don't these guys opening new places in such a difficult environment ever check websites or appreciate that these type of lapses are the end of the line?
              Having said all that - it's still mediocre acceptable but pissed that it is not great which it might have been.

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              1. re: micheal

                Micheal, that's weird. We order once a week and haven't had any problems with freshness or missing items. Have you told them about your rice, salad problem?
                BTW, thanks for posting about this place, we still love it.

                1. re: Paulomet

                  When I've been the kebabs are already cooked and so are the samosas, unless those are display items they're being re-heated. Still, my experiences have been positive. The nan is fresh baked, tho when is it not, and the chicken karachi is great on 2 or 3 occassions. That salad is meh anyway, and the chicken kebob my friend had left much to be desired. I'll continue to stick to hot dishes, curry etc.

                  1. re: 2slices

                    i also continue to go, but had an odd situation the last time i went.

                    as i've mentioned above, i was happy that the samosa (fresh cooked or not) was 2 for $1. what a steal. the chef/owner even had assured me this was the price. i must've gone in about 5x and got 2 for $1.

                    the last time i went in, a young man was at the counter and said that 1 was $1. i told him that i disagreed and that since their opening, i always paid 2 for $1. he insisted he was there since the opening and that was never the price. i told him that i spoke to the chef/owner and he still continued to disagree with me. it was silly for us to be arguing over it, but then it became a matter of principle. i am obviously not lying to try and con these guys over $1.

                    it left a bad taste in my mouth, no pun intended.

                    the young man shouldn't lie and tell me that he's been there since the beginning when it was the first time i saw him there and i had received direct confirmation from the owner on the price.

                    1. re: Linda

                      This was a recent price change over the last couple of months. It's annoying they didn't do a better job of communicating that with everyone else. I do like their Samosas though, a bit different.

              2. A short update - this place has a new and quite extensive menu now; there has only been a trivial increase in what are very fair prices.
                The quality is quite high and I have sampled recently a good number of the items listed here and am quite happy. Also, they are more organized now and the little blunders earlier for takeouts [items missing, no rice etc] all seem corrected.
                Please post your experiences because I think this place is a definite plus for Sunnyside and seems it can better if local support.