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Jan 25, 2010 02:47 PM

Review: Lazy Ox Canteen

I went to the lazy ox canteen last week and really enjoyed myself. . It's pitched as that casual neighborhood joint with a sophisticated yet affordable food menu

full review and photos here:

Lazy Ox is small, casual, comfortable, loud and most importantly, a place where you can gather with friends for a good meal and conversation. The menu has a number of small plates and a few entrees, with a wide selection of items priced under $10 and even some as low as $4-5. We ordered a couple small plates between the two of us.

1. Crispy pigs ear with lime and horseradish aioli
The pigs ear was crispy and chewy but soft and buttery inside. Although it cannot compare to the pigs ear at Church and State, I thought that Lazy Ox's version was notably better than the other ones I've tried, including at Animal and FIG. Animal's and FIG's seemed to be just crunchy all around without the contrast of the soft and mushy center.

2. Pig trotter and gooseberry, mash potatoes and wine sauce
OMG, this was one amazing dish. The pig trotter was shaped into a cake and breaded.

3. Buttermilk fry Quail with pomegranate
The quail was tender and the breading was not greasy. Perfectly done. I liked the citrus salad.

4. Cod brandade fritters with yuzu aioli
The cod was of good quality. The inside of the fritters was soft and airy, and the batter was reminiscent of Fish and Chips.

Cancha. Crunchy nuts, seasoned with lime salt, which is very popular in Peru and Ecuador.

5. Hand torn Pasta with sunny side egg, brown butter and citrus vinegar
Unfortunately, it turned out to be lighter than I had hoped. The sauce was a bit watery and I thought the dish needed a bit more seasoning.

I really liked The Lazy Ox Canteen. The menu boasts a lot of really good small plates, the food was well executed, flavorful, hearty yet delicate, prices were very reasonable for the quality, and the restaurant has a warm and casual feel to it.

Hits: trotter, pigs ear, quail, prices, ambiance
Misses: pasta a bit bland

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  1. That's so funny, I actually really liked the pasta with egg - much better than the version at Lot 1, I thought! Overall, I'm really enjoying Lazy Ox, especially since it makes great things out of items I don't normally enjoy, like sausage. And the chef seems to do eclectic/fusion in a really organic-seeming way. Here's my full review:

    1. And exactly where is this place? Not that I'm in a big hurry to go, as "comfortable" and "loud" do not coexist in my universe... but the food looks really likable, especially the pig trotter and the brandade fritters.

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        Little Tokyo
        241 South San Pedro Street
        Los Angeles, CA 90012

        1. re: love2eat

          Thankew! Not only do I know where that is, it's Gold-Lineable! Looks like we have a likely weekend destination...

          1. re: Will Owen

            The trotters are worth it! When I said comfortable, i meant to say that it was welcoming and warm. Give it a shot!

      2. My friend and I went there for dinner a couple of weeks ago before Mary Poppins at the Music Center. We had about five things that we liked. First we started with the Pork Canitas rilletes. It was rich but tasty. For the next course, we had the braised lamb cheeks and the creamy farro with jerusalem artichoke. Both were nice but also rich. Finally we had the merguez sausage and the slow cooked pork shoulder.

        All the dishes were good and the service was nice, but I ate too much rich food. Next time we will have to lighten it up. That said, I will be going back here.

        1. After the rave review in the LA Times, I just wanted to bump this thread to see if any CHers tried the Laxy Ox burger yet, and what they thought about it?

          I'm wondering if it's worth trying now.

          1. I went there last night with a group of 6. My dish arrived 15 minutes before everyone else's with dishes arriving thereafter in 5 minute increments. My pan seared salmon and lentils was completely tasteless. Literally was lacking in any flavor. Maybe they ran out of salt? Tenderloin was equally bland. Burger was apparently good. The group liked the appetizers but I didn't partake as portions were tiny. Desserts were tasty and the coffee (kudos to them for serving in a coffee press) was delicious. After paying the check, a salad was brought to our table incorrectly intended for our table. There must've been a mess in the kitchen because dishes were coming out randomly for all tables with no order whatsoever. Service is good, timing of dishes is horrific, food is ok. The place is loud but not overbearing. I'll pass on any opporuntities to try it again.

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              went a few wks ago... like the atmosphere. tried a few dishes including cauliflower gratin, cod fritters, pot roast (apparently the chef's claim to fame), hamachi app, etc. they were all decent, nothing remarkable. pot roast was a bit bland.. sad to say that about one of their supposedly specialties. i did very much enjoy, however, the strawberries and biscuit dessert. very simple yet very delish.