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Jan 25, 2010 02:44 PM


We will be spending two days at the Mount Washington Inn and are wondering where we should eat while up there? Doesn't have to be fine dining, although we are not opposed to that either, just really tasty, fresh and delicious. thanks

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    This about sums it up. Otherwise you'll have to go into North Conway or Jackson.

    1. Enjoyed a nice meal at Hill's Top BBQ in Bartlett. For a good and plentiful brunch value try the Red Fox in Jackson.

      1. It's been years but I had some good meals at The Red Parka Pub:

        1. Wannabfoode, did you go to the Mt. Washington Inn yet, and did you eat there? We're headed up to Jackson this weekend, and want to know if we're crazy for planning on driving out to the hotel (probably not) and for planning on eating there (I hope not). Would welcome other comments from NH foodies...

          1. If you're not adverse to a little travelling you really should try the newest,and best ,restaurnt in Littleton named Beale's.
            We ate there last Fall and we just kept going back over and over again.
            The impeccable service, outstanding menu,and friendly atmospher really makes this a "must" if you're in the Littleton area.