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Jan 25, 2010 02:27 PM

Princeton area BYOB

Any recommendations for a BYOB in Princeton or areas south? Moderately priced and good food, but doesn't have to be exceptional.

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  1. One of my favorites in the town...delsih seafood is Blue Point Grill. BYO, and the seafood is always super fresh. Actually, that is probably the only restaurant I care for in that area.


    1. Do a quick search on the board and it will bring up quite a few threads:

      Our favorites in Princeton include:
      The Ferry House
      Blue Point Grill
      La Mezzaluna

      Other nearby options include:
      Blue Bottle Cafe - Hopewell
      Vidalia - Lawrenceville

      A little further in Lambertville:
      Hamilton Grille Room
      No. 9
      Cafe Galleria

      Under the Moon
      Oliver - A Bistro

      Hope that helps! -mJ

      1. Excellent suggestions from njfoodies. I know you specify Princeton or areas south but I really urge you to think about the Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell. If I had to pick one place near Princeton, that would be it.

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          Thanks all for your recommendations!

          I made reservations at the Ferry House and am waiting to hear if the other couple is in favor of their menu. Blue Point appears on everyone's list but they don't take reservations. I'll have to try it out, though.

          Blue Bottle Cafe looks great, but may be a bit out of our way this time, but it's definitely a gotta go there place.

          Anyone familiar with Za or Enzo's?

          I've been to most of the places in Lambertville and Lawrenceville but hadn't thought of them.

          1. re: george2

            Ferry House is a great choice, and I am sure you will enjoy it. Do a search on here as there are a few links. I know that tom246 really enjoys The Ferry House, and I can't blame him in the least. It's a good place! We definitely need to revisit again soon! -mJ

            1. re: george2

              I happily endorse the Blue Bottle Cafe (it's my favorite restaurant for when my two best friends and i want to have what we call a "grown-up" dinner). We had very good food at Za but its prices seemed high to us. We figure, why go there when Blue Bottle is a guaranteed home run for the same price? Haven't been to Enzo's...

              1. re: Heatherb

                I like La Mezzaluna.


                Outside Princeton I vote for ZA. I go there regular.

                As for Enzos, last time I went it was a) crowded, it is small and tables are cheek by jowl and b) had a really lousy meal. I emailed a complaint and they offered me a 1/2 on discount on a meal the next time. Well who wants a lousy meal for 1/2 price. I've not gone back for the last two years.

          2. Thanks again for all your recommendations. While my wife and I appreciate good food and are willing to pay for it, the other couple demurred, stating "those places are a bit rich for our tastes." We ended up at Banzai for Japanese. The other couple ordered large bowls of soup my wife and I had a large tray of average sushi. It was worth the visit as we were mostly interested in the company.

            We'll certainly go to Blue Point and Ferry House another time.