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Jan 25, 2010 02:25 PM

Any decent East Village Chinese take-out options?

Hey all,

I've lived at 14th and A for the past 8 years, past 5 years with my wife. In that time period, we've found more Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese places with good take-out than we possibly know what to do with. But we've struggled to find a Chinese standby.

Grand Sichuan on St. Marks is ok, but while their take on Sichuan cuisine is generally fine, it's not nearly as reliable for the American-ized stuff, which is sometimes what we want. Our friends on the UES and West Village don't seem to have this problem. Are there any good options for quality Chinese delivery in the East Village? Thanks.

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  1. The Cottage...THey're on Irving...I dont see delivery to A being an issue.

    1. I can't vouch for Yummy House personally, but a Chowhound I trust recommended it in another post:

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        I used to order from Yummy House in college and I thought it was pretty good for Americanized Chinese food. They delivered to me on 12th between A and B, so I'd assume they would deliver to you too. As a side note, their delivery is ridiculously fast.

      2. Yummy House is kinda gross, have tried there a couple times and come away unhappy. The Cottage is my go-to as well... I like ordering from Edenwok which will deliver to the EV even though they're real far away. It's kosher, so it's a little expensive, but worth it in my opinion. Plus, you know the meat is nice and clean. Ever since Rosie & Ting closed its doors it's been a little tougher to track down quality Chinese in the EV.

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          Don't you consider Grand Sichuan "quality Chinese"? It's not the best Americanized Chinese but it's very good Sichuan Chinese.

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            i love grand sichuan. i want to move in there.

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              Yes, totally consider Grand Sichuan quality Chinese. One of the few around in the EV.