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Jan 25, 2010 02:12 PM

Basic Dim Sum Recommendations Needed for Vancouver (not Richmond)

Can anyone recommend some reasonably priced dim sum options for Vancouver? Would prefer not to venture out to Richmond this time around. Kirin is our usual go-to but we'd like to try something different just for a little variety. We're not extremely adventurous orderers so just the basics is fine.


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  1. Try Red Star. I hear the dim sum at Bing Sheng has improved of late too.

    1. When I lived in Van (10 yrs ago) Pink Pearl was the bomb - East Hastings, west of Nanaimo. Also there was a good high-end dim sum place in the Marine building. I miss Vancouver Dim Sum.

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        Pink Pearl suffered a fire a couple of months ago...I don't know if they have re-opened. (Also, it is not like 10 yrs ago...the quality had declined significantly).

      2. Hey there - I'm a huge fan of Jade Dynasty on Pender St. (across from New Town Bakery) in Chinatown. They don't do carts, the have card service instead. The dim sum is hot and fresh, and hte restaurant is very clean with excellent service. Here's a review I did after my first visit a while back, I've been back at least 20 times since.

        You can also find lots of info on Jade Dynasty on

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          was wondering do the cards also have the english translation of the dishes?

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            Yes and they also give you a menu with a picture of each item. The menu card that you check off is also divided into sections such as steamed, deep-fried, pork, chicken, seafood, specialty etc., so ordering is fairly uncomplicated even if you don't speak Cantonese.

            The servers also have their own system for making sure you get each item and the right amount. They put a copy of your chit on your table with the time your order was sent to the kitchen, printed on it. Then they check each item off your chit as they bring it out, so there's never any confusion :)

        2. This thread is pretty current and might be of interest, since it focuses on dim sum in Vancouver proper, albeit weighted toward cart dim sum:

          1. My cheap go to dim sum is Golden Phoenix on Nanaimo and 8th. Their food is reasonally good and inexpensive. Even their other dishes such as stir fry veggies, noodles etc are priced well.

            For more selection but a bit pricier, Prince on Granview Hwy and Renfrew is a good choice.

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              Golden Phoenix is my family's "go to" place since it is a short-ish walk away from our house. Agree - it is cheap and good...but not the "best" by any means. They can be quite creative with their dim sum, actually. Amazing that they do carts for such a small place.

              They also specialize in Chinese medicinal soup - if that is your thing.