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Jan 25, 2010 02:12 PM

Why is it necessary to log in every time I post?

ARe others having this problem? Or, is it my computer?

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  1. No problems with that here...

    1. No problems for me either. Are you choosing "Remember me" when you login?

      1. Every 50 log ons or so I sweep my browser history, clean the temp files out, brush the cobwebs so to speak, that results in having to log back on. But if the site is having an issue, and its reported down for any reason, it often requires logging back in.

        1. Sounds there might be a problem with your browser's cookies setting - I'd double-check them and make sure cookies are allowed for and, and that you haven't somehow set your browser not to allow cookies.

          Testing the site on another browser (either on your own computer or someone else's) would confirm the issue - if you don't have to login every time on the other browser, then you know it's a browser-specific issue.