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Jan 25, 2010 02:11 PM

Where can I buy sacks of live crawfish in Dallas

New to town and need my fix... Looking to buy 85-100 lbs.

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  1. A lot of the Asian markets will carry them in season. TJ's is a marvelous fresh seafood source and easy to work with.

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        I've not puchased crawfish at Fiesta or any of the Asian markets so I can't speak to those but I will say that TJ's is a true fishmonger and they provide the highest quality in the seafood they sell. They sent out an email last week saying they would have crawfish soon but they would be expensive and would price out much better as the season got fully underway. As DD said, they are very accommodating and service oiented as well. Located in the southwest quadrant of Preston & Forest. Rex's Seafood at Lovers Lane & Inwood is another true fishmonger with good quality and good service and they probably have them as well.

    1. Fiesta carries them, and they usually get down to .99 per/lb when the season gets into full swing.

      1. Kroger has live crawfish in season. They announce when they will be in the store and you can order any amount you need.

        Give me a call when you plan your crawfish boil.

        1. Tom Thumb - 121 SB in Grapevine - had them last year.

          1. Davhud,

            Here is a link to a similar question last year. The OP was looking for more restaurant recs but there are a few retailers also.


            All Texas Farms Open to the Public (if you care to see where your crawfish come from
   (Has a restaurant, market and charter services – even a catchy Cajun theme song on the website


            Doguet's Crawfish Farm
            16939 Highway 90
            Beaumont, TX 77713
            (409) 752-5105‎

            Tails R Us Crawfish Farm
            3202 Farm to Market Road 2936,
            Anahuac, TX‎
            (409) 267-3216

            I do know that when in season Central Market, TJ'S, Seabreeze, Fiesta, Crawfish Hut inside the Saigon Mall, and many local retailers will have them available.

            Local Places most of which carry Louisiana crawfish
            ) (Lewisville
            ) (Plano
            ) (Dallas
            ) (Dallas

            If you are looking to keep your selection within the United States (i.e. Louisiana and not comprehensive


   (Same company

            A more comprehensive list from Louisiana Crawfish Promotion and Research Board