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Jan 25, 2010 02:11 PM

Light EArly Supper in Elkins Park?

Preferably not a chain; nothing is coming up for me. What do you like here? Also, where is Tiffin, that might be a possibility if folks have been pleased with eating in there.

Thanks much.

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  1. Tiffin is in the strip mall at the corner of Old York Road and Church. It's a great choice for Elkins Park, where there's generally not much. In the same plaza is Marco Polo. It's decent Italian, but nothing special and, IMO, overpriced. Across Church is the plaza with Max & David's, the kosher restaurant. There's also a Cosi there, but that's a chain. You could also head up 611 into Jenkintown and go to Jules Thin Crust, which is great for a quick, light meal.

    1. Tiffin is at 8080 Old York Road, at the intersection of Church Rd. Stopped for dinner on 12/30/09 and was pleased, actually thought it was slightly better than my experience at the original Girard Ave location. Between SO and I we ordered the Malai Kofta, Chicken Kali Mirch, and a samosa special; all were quite tasty (I'm a veg and didn't actually try the chicken, but I trust his judgment).

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        I have not eaten at the Elkins Park location, but have eaten at the Mt Airy location. It is very good. I recommend the saag paneer and butter chicken.
        I am sure the food will be just as good. It is probably brought in like at Mt Airy. At the Mt Airy location I saw that they deliver the already prepared selections in large storage tubs wrapped in hefty bags from where-ever they prepare and cook the food. It must be reheated on-site. I wished I had not seen that - but it is still good.

      2. Up the road just a bit in Jenkintown, behind the Barnes and Noble, is a place called Curds and Whey. They used to close between lunch and dinner, but now they seem to stay open straight through. We've only eaten there a couple times, once for lunch and once for dinner, but were both very happy with with our meals both times. Very varied menu. Everything was very fresh and tasty.

        Re: Tiffin: When we lived in Center City we used to order from the Girard Ave. location all the time, and loved it. We've been disappointed twice now, tho', by the Elkins Park one. Maybe they've gotten beyond themselves, opening all these locations. What I just read, below, probably is the answer to our disappointment.

        Finally, we had dinner at Mirna's, again in Jenkintown, that we enjoyed, but it was just the one time.

        1. Thanks to all for good suggestions. We wound up going to Marco Polo, which our friends picked. Yes, many of the menu choices seemed pricey, but I really enjoyed my '[Veal Gaeta", with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes. a lemony sauce, for $20.95, which included a nice salad, green olives and bruchetta on the table. Attentive service; we'd go back if in the area.