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Jan 25, 2010 01:44 PM

Xan Mongolie BBQ - NW Calgary

Has anyone else tried Xan Mongolie Grill near the NW Costco at Beacon Hill? I was there on Friday night, after reading ok reviews on other food forums, and must say it was medicore at best. The service was fantastic, prompt and attentive. The selection of sliced foods was decent and full as were the sauces to choose from. I had high hopes. But the meat (beef, chicken and pork) was so TOUGH!! and a few pieces of beef had that old sour taste. We ended up picking out most of the meat and eating the veggies only, but at $2.69/100gr that waste adds up! The rice was so stickey it was just a blob you could barely cut through with a spoon. Mixed with sauce it was barely ok.

But on a positive note, I had a very nice raspberry/mango cheesecake to fill me up.

I would love to hear others' experiences at Xan. I am often shopping up there but I despise all those chains like Montana'a, Swiss Chalet, Ricky's, etc. These big box mall places are full of those. Is there anywhere in that area worth eating??

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  1. We ate there once. It's so similar to the Mongolie Grill that used to be in Dalhousie Station that it has to be the same place. They use spring roll wrappers which I think is weird. Our meat sounds better but it's not a great dining experience.

    I like the California Thai place for pad Thai and their mango salad. Also the Mexican place. Both are fast food but slightly better than average.

    There's not much around here other than a couple of places in Crowfoot. Snow Palace and Joey Tomatoes which went upscale and renamed something like Joey's Mediterranean Grill after the post-fire renovations. I've never been a fan of Broken Plate, Chianti is ok once in a while. Green Chili is strangely inconsistent.

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      I've heard that it is the same people that had the Mongolie Grill at Dalhousie.

      Snow Palace is our go-to spot in Crowfoot - thanks to the recommendations from this forum!

    2. We have been twice to Xan with the kids - they love it but it is pretty average. Also close to empty both times we were there.

      Snow Palace in Crowfoot is very good. Our local favourite too.

      1. I went there once. It was okay. I liked the appetizer I had but the way they do things makes it a bit difficult... I had the app and the main course at the same time. I didn't notice any problems with the rice or meat during my visit. I wouldn't highly recommend it though, unless you're going out with vegetarians, say. Then the way you can select what you want in a stir fry is rather nice.

        As Sharonanne mentioned, California Thai is nice. I haven't found any dishes there I don't like. The Mexican place is very nice too, I like their quesadilla's. Other than that, nothing. I'm hoping this mall will eventually get a nice independant restaurant but I'm not holding my breath. Or even a nicer chain like Redwater or Milestones...