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Apr 10, 2005 11:29 PM

Casa Bianca vs. Nicky Ds

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While I like many of you love and attest to the greatness of Casa Bianca's sausage and onion pie, I do not, however, live in the "rock". How is Nicky Ds in comparison? Silver lake is closer to this Hollywood boy, but am I wasting my time?

PS How is Capri in Eagle Rock? Ive heard it was comparible to Casa Bianca, especially when the white house is slammed and the consistency slips a bit . . .

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  1. They're totally different animals. Nicky D's cheese, sausage or meatball pies are excellent NY Style pizza, while Casa Bianca's terrific sausage/egglant is unique and doesn't seem to resemble any particular regional style. IMHO, Nicky D's crust has an edge over Casa Bianca's if you prefer NY style.

    My Capri experience was a little strange. The cheese pizza eaten at the restaurant was VERY mediocre, but tasted pretty darn good when reheated at home. Gi figure. However I'd go back for the non pizza items such as the Calamari entree.

    If you want to stay closer to Hollywood, Village Pizza on Larchmont is also very good NY Style pizza. Costco and the pizza joint in the Glendale Galleria food court are also good alternatives.

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      Thanks for the capri tip. Actually the Casa Bianca pie, specifically the crust, resesmbles "St. Louis style " pizza featuring a thin crust - but over there they cut the pizza into squares.

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        All my Chicago friends say its Chicago thin-crust style and that comes the closest to authentic than any other place in town. Apparently there are more thin-crust joints there than thick-crust.

        BTW, I love the sausage pizza there, but avoid anything else, especially the pasta.

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          Authenticity is in the mouth of the beholder, or something like that. So let me say that I am a Midwestern boy by birth and nurture, and to the true Midwesterner "al dente" is an Italian phrase meaning "noodles ain't near done yet." We also like our pizzas spicy and gooey, and the mushrooms MUST be FROM A CAN as the Baby Jesus commanded. And I LOOOOOVVVVE Casa Bianca. A little bit'o' Terre Haute, right here in Eagle Rock!

    2. We had an extremely disappointing pie at Nicky D's Saturday night. I had heard good things about the clam/garlic/bacon, but it was as soggy as if a glass of water had spilled in the middle. The edges were ok, though. It's really too bad that Nicky D's is so inconsistent -- I've now had too very good pizzas eaten in the restaurant, one bad eaten in, and two not so good delivered. They were so busy -- the server looked like he was going to give himself a heart attack -- that I didn't have the heart to tell them how soggy it was. And their crust, although it's nicely cooked in the wood-burning oven, lacks flavor -- maybe it just needs salt, I don't know. The table next to us had a completely burned crust on one side. This neighborhood is so hungry for decent pizza that they basically can't handle the demand.

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      1. re: Chowpatty
        rabo encendido

        re NICKY D's:

        Had a similar experience picking up a Friday night phone-in order a couple of weeks back (the clam/bacon/garlic, which I maintain is a standout when consumed fresh). The air was heavy with harried panic, every employee frantically scrambling, receipts for delivery orders piling up like hate mail at Mike Ovitz's office.

        After my twenty minute wait, they finally pulled out my order from under a stack of pies waiting to be delivered. God knows how long it was sitting there.

        I do hope these friendly folks find a way to cope. They're barely hanging on, IMO.

      2. Others may disagree, but Nicky Ds is not a "destination restaurant." It's a good pizza joint that I think is getting specific praise for one or two of it's pizzas. I live up the street so we order from here a lot but the pizza always needs to be reheated on arrival and I find their salads a tad boring -- I wish there were more non-pizza items to complete the meal like a good antipasto, etc.

        Now, Casa Bianca is an expierence -- the best time to go is before six to avoid the lines & mid-week. This is worth the trip -- we like sausage & garlic, thick crust (which isn't that thick, just right). Everything else on the menu is boring -- go here for the pizza!

        1. I just don't get the hype over CB's pizza. I grew up in Highland Park and have eaten there since the early 70's. Never liked the 'za. Too salty and flimsy. However, I've always found the pasta very good.

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            Over the past 8 years I visited 3 times. The first time I went and was unimpressed with their plain cheese pizza. The second time I went just out of curiosity, and was similarly disappointed with the limp, canned mushrooms on my pizza. Many years passed. After discovering chowhound, I decided to go one last time and try the sausage and fried eggplant. The experience was incredible. I am from New Jersey and to me cheese pizza is the way to determine the quality of a pie. Casa Bianci is the exception to this rule. I have never had a pie transformed so completely by toppings.

            Incidentally, I tried a piece of our sausage/eggplant pie that avoided any toppings, and it was just as uninspired as I remember from previous visits. The combination however was truly remarkable.

            Mr. Taster

          2. I am in agreement with several of the posters. I have ordered from Nicky D's several times, and a few times thought it was great. Ordering "extra crispy" has helped. Several times though, it was really mediocre. Delivery can take over an hour and usually yields a nearly cold pizza. I try to pick up and only go during the week, but still, there are no guarantees.

            I think Casa Bianca is to die for though - worth the 20 min drive - I go 1/2 eggplant and garlic and half sausage and garlic, sometimes w/ mushrooms. I always want it on Sunday and it just kills me they close on such a big pizza day!