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Jan 25, 2010 01:43 PM

wicked good bagels in Cape Cod

Sometimes I forget about this place. Holler out to Jomama's bagels on 6 A in Orleans..wicked good bagels..great selection of cream cheese spreads, nice setting, cool staff and a wide selection of drinks.

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  1. Yep, they're imported frozen from H&H in NYC, then defrosted and cooked onsite. By far the best I've had on the Cape.

    The only other decent ones I've had are from Cape Cod Bagel in Falmouth, and those were OK, but not close to Jomama's.

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      I love JoMama's....the vibe, the bagels (great variety of both bagels and spreads - and breakfast sandwiches as well) and the $5 sandwiches on Thursday! Haven't tried their salads but they are also purported to be very good. My son and I like arriving before school and ordering our bagels, delivered to our table while we quiz one another with the trivial pursuit cards. Always an intriguing crowd of locals coming in and out.

    2. I get to Orleans every two or three months. I always make sure the trip includes a stop here. Good coffee. Great sandwiches. Nice people on both sides of the counter.

      1. Many years back there was a wonderful bagel place in Hyannis, I think on North Street, also a good one on White's Path in South Yarmouth and one in the now Brazilian market in Hyannis, all are long gone. I haven't been to Jomama's but will make a point to visit this summer. To me the best of the rest is Bagel and Beyond in West Yarmouth on 28 with an Express outlet on White's Path.

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          I like Brown Bag Bagels in Hyannis on Center Street opposite the old bus station. Worth trying. Someone else recommended Pain D'Avignon, but I found them too skinny and dense.

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            Taddy, the one on White's Path is pretty darn good. My daughter goes there for lunch on ocassion and when I used to work out at Mid Cape I went a few times. JoMama's is honestly as close to the NY Bagel taste as one can get on Cape.