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Jan 25, 2010 01:33 PM

Best Peking Duck in Durham, NC?

Anyone have thoughts on where to go for the best Peking Duck in Durham? It's been years since we've done it (last time probably ten years ago at Neo China) and it's long overdue...Thanks!

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  1. Try the one at Peony Asian Grill, it is excellent & reasonably priced. My only complaint is that they no longer have the pillows, instead they serve it with flour toritilas. (

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    1. re: NC IP

      Have you tried Hong Kong? I think that's the name of the place that offers dim sum on the weekend, north of I 85 in Derm. If you search for Triangle dim sum you'll likely get a hit. I would assume that since they have dim sum, they may also offer Peking Duck.

      1. re: Tom from Raleigh

        Not sure how well this is known but Hong Kong's dim sum isn't limited to the weekends. They serve it a la carte-- like you would order sushi-- during the week, for lunch at least. I've had dim sum for lunch there many times. They don't have all the items you might see on the weekend but its a pretty good selection and definitely worth not having to fight the crowds, waiting for the carts to finally make their way to you, and praying that the table before you doesn't the the last whatever it is you were hoping for.