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Jan 25, 2010 01:32 PM

Elizabeth's in Pittsfield, MA - Feedback

My wife and I are going to Elizabeth's for our anniversary. Please help us by giving us some positives from the menu. Thank you.

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  1. No one has been at Elizabeth's recently? Please help.

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    1. re: Dana1949

      Truly, we'd post if we could! But I haven't been there in a couple of years at least.

    2. We go here several times a year...most recently 11/09...never disappointed. .

      Elizabeth's Restaurant
      1264 East St, Pittsfield, MA 01201

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      1. re: ABACO50

        We like Elizabeth's alot. Great salads, pastas and meat dishes. Not cheap, but value for money and generous portions. Good wine by the glass selections. Not comfortable, though.

        1. re: magiesmom

          Hi Dana, did you already go to Elizabeth's? I went there with 2 friends this weekend. They have some good things on the menu, other things I find screamingly boring. For example, my friend got a pasta dish with wild mushrooms and herbs de provence...very good and delicious (though oily). I on the other hand, got fettucini with a cream sauce that was very boring (just a plate of pasta w/cream sauce)...I took it upon myself to add peas to my dish to try to add some color and a bit more flavor. My other friend had a pasta dish with gorgonzola sauce; again, nothing special-just a plate of pasta with a cream based sauce and I couldn't even taste the gorgonzola in it. Hands down the pasta dish with mushrooms was the best. I wish the restaurant would have some more creative dishes instead of pasta dishes with only a sauce. The salad was good, plentiful and hearty (though my friends and I did not like the watermelon and blueberries in the salad-everything else though including cheeses and radishes were wonderful). Nice and reasonably priced wine. The service was attentive and friendly. I agree it is not the most comfortable of restaurants but if you sit downstairs, you feel more "in the action."

          1. re: madelinewater

            We did go and have since been several times. Tom Ellis's salad is one of the best we've ever eaten. Usually, my wife and I go with recommendations from the specials menu. Their fish meals are outstanding. Remember to make a reservation a couple of weeks ahead. It gets very busy and tables are limited. Enjoy.

      2. Elizabeths's is terrific. Nobody makes a salad like Tom Ellis can. It is very moderately priced. The wines on the list match the menu items in terms of prices...they are really good, inexpensive, you will not not find a 97Cakebread Cellars cabernet or a Kistler Dutton Ranch Chard...but, you will find well chosen, values for the money. The food is absolutely fresh. I recommend it highly.