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Jan 25, 2010 01:32 PM

LAX or Nearby?

Have a five hour lay over at Los Angeles airport ---Any suggestions for decent airport eating or something nearby?

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    1. Walk over to In 'N' Out Burger on the north end of the airport and order:

      Double Double w/grilled onions
      Animal style fries
      Chocolate Shake

      You will be happy.

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      1. re: jeffandnat

        Walk over? Even if you don't mind walking a mile each way, there's not really a pedestrian friendly path from the terminals to that In N' Out. Is there even a sidewalk along that busy stretch of Sepulveda?

        1. re: Professor Salt

          The path from the terminals to In-n-Out is perfectly walkable. You'll probably want to cross Sepulveda and walk along the east side of the street where there is a proper sidewalk, then cross again to get to In-N-Out.

          1. re: Professor Salt

            This is from the flying experts for the food experts on how to get to the in and out just north of LAX :)

          2. re: jeffandnat

            logistically, i doubt that walking over would work out; especially
            1) if the security people see you doing this
            2) if you are carrying any luggage

            i 'n' out burger is not really on the north end of the airport. it is OUT of the airport, on the north side
            i can't comment on the burger, but i find the shakes at in 'n' out to be uninspiring, same with the fries.
            i know the place is a board favorite, but there is far from unanimity about their offerings.

            1. re: westsidegal

              Why would it matter, "if the security people see you doing this"? Walk out of the airport, eat, go back through security, pretty simple logistically. Also, I would assume that since he/she is on a layover all bags are checked besides a carry on. It's a pretty easy walk from the terminals, especially with 5 hours to kill. It's an opportunity to stretch the legs and eat a great burger. Better than anything else served up in the terminals!

          3. You didn't mention what you were looking for or the time of day. A 10 minute cab ride could bring you to the Marina area. Cafe del Rey is a very reliable lunch or dinner and is my go to place for taking out of towners. Very California.
            Right in the airport is the Encounter an interesting restaurant with a great view of the planes coming and going. Not sure of the food as I've never sampled.

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            1. re: Baron

              second the Cafe del Rey recommendation.
              also, keep in mind that Cafe del Rey is open continuously from lunch to late at night, so you have practically complete time flexibility.

            2. For something a bit more upscale and relaxing, I'd suggest you try the new Paparazzi at the Sheraton right outside the airport on century. Italian in a nice setting. You can grab their shuttle.

              1. LAX is not that far out of LA. Depending on the time of day vis a vis traffic, 30-40 minutes each way would easily get you to most Westside, Santa Monica or even downtown restaurants--so you have an enormous number of choices. All bets are off though if you leave or return to the airport between 4 and 6:30 pm. And, you would probably want to arrange your return taxi in advance.