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Jan 25, 2010 01:31 PM

Fig Catering

Has anyone had any experience with Fig Catering? Thanks!

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  1. We hired Fig for a 60th birthday party (120 guests) at a club and an after-wedding sit down dinner we had for a friend in our home (20 guests which included executives and a chef from Spiaggia and Lettuce Entertain You -- high pressure situation). To begin with, Molly and Justin's client service is the best in the business, they are punctual, detail minded, good listeners and an absolute pleasure to work with; but that doesn't mean anything if the food isn't good. Fig's food is far beyond merely "good". Sensational, spectacular -- these are better descriptors. And the variety of styles of cooking -- their versatility is amazing and quality uniformly excellent. I don't hesitate to recommend them to you. Whatever your plans are, you will be rewarded with an excellent experience from the planning and price to the meal and the compliments you will receive from your guests after. By the way, the chef who attended the dinner Fig catered went into our kitchen to thank Molly for a great meal.

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      Thank you so much for the information. They are doing a cocktail party for us, so I was thrilled to hear your comments. Thanks!