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Jan 25, 2010 12:48 PM

Seeking Crab Cakes in Brooklyn

I'm in the mood to eat a delicious crab cake for dinner and I'd rather not make it myself. Any restaurants make a noteworthy one in Westerly Brooklyn (Cobble Hill, Park Slope, even Williamsburg)? Bay Ridge, Sheephead Bay and those areas are too far for me this time.

I read that Okeanos in PS has a crab cake sandwich at lunch, but I can't find its menu online to see it they also have it for dinner.

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  1. I didn't have one, but my friend seemed to enjoy his at Kevin's in Red Hook. I did enjoy the everything I ate there, however. Not at a rave level, but would definitely go back.

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      Thanks cgchow, I saw your post about Kevin's, which would be really convenient for me, but sadly it's not open for dinner on Mondays. I'm really seeking instant gratification here ... or at the most, gratification in a few hours.

    2. Good Fork has a crab cake app.

      1. Well, I wound up just making my own crabcakes that night. But if anyone wants to keep contributing ideas, that would be great. I think I read that Quercy has them?

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          I had the crab cake appetizer at Long Tan last week and they were quite tasty. No help if you're only craving Maryland-style, but delicious. I'd order again.

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            Can I ask where you bought the crab?

            1. re: sabrina0

              It was just a regular can of crab from a grocery store.

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              I didn't see crabcakes on Quercy's regular menu, but maybe they're a special.

            3. I make crab cakes all time and I buy my crab at Costco, Trader Joes or Fairway.