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Jan 25, 2010 12:29 PM

Febuary is the month of the Vegetarian Experiment

We did this a couple years ago and had great success...

For Febuary we will be eating only vegetarian. Our rule is no meats no seafood and thats about it.

Anyone have suggestions for great dishes or different things to try in the NOVA/D.C. area? We are game for anything. For example our big take away last time was Sunflower's General Tso tofu. Tasted better than the real thing!

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  1. DC's wonderful Ethiopian restaurants will have a lot to offer you during your experiment.

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    1. re: kukubura

      I agree. I always get the veggie platter at Etete. It's delicious and well-seasoned.

    2. Most Middle Eastern restaurants or take-out shops are treasure troves of vegetarian dishes.

      At Kazan (McLean) I love Iman Bayildi, a cold eggplant dish.

      At Lebanese Taverna (various locations including the Market in Arlington) I love hindbeh, tabbouleh, and shakshouky. I adore their lentil and swiss chard soup, but you'll have to double check to see if the broth is vegetarian.

      At Gourmet Basket (McLean) I love the couscous salad and the pumpkin kibbe. The yellow lentil soup and seven grain soups are both delicious, but, again, you'll have to check to see that the stock is vegetarian. If you like garlic, the sliced eggplant salad is extraordinary and wonderful.

      Cheese and spinach pastries are good at both Lebanese Taverna and Gourmet Basket.

      Indian cuisine is another treasure trove of good vegetarian eating, but the Middle Eastern list ought to get you started.

      1. For a substantive snack the veggie enchilada thing at La Union in N. Arlington.

        Thai will provide a few good dishes, so you have the two excellent choices in Thai Square and B-54.

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        1. re: Dennis S

          Dennis S is right. You really should try the veggie enchilada. Like a salad on top of a deep fried tortilla. Served cold. La Union Market and Carryout is approx. Lee Hwy and Taylor in N. Arlington, about three blocks east from pastries by Randolph.

          While you're there, get an empanada do platanos and an ensalada to drink.

        2. I'm a big fan of Java green in the business district

          1. I like the Vegetable Garden in Rockville. Try the bento box at Sunflower. Oh, and Nirvana, a really good Indian place downtown.