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Breakfast in the City

Okay CH friends, here's the deal. Back here in the UK my breakfast usually consists of a Starbucks and not much else. So, when visiting NY I like to have a real treat and eat breakfast most days. It puts me in good stead for the day's walking and exploring ahead!

For our trip next month we have the opportunity for 3 solid breakfasts, Monday - Wednesday. One day will be Clinton St Baking Co. - I don't care how long we have to queue, I'm having me some blueberry pancakes!

The next two days are up for grabs. Currently considering The Smith, Cookshop, Penelope... Must feature eggs, pancakes, bacon, french toast.

What am I missing? Any strong feelings about the above possibilities?

Any part of the city considered.

Thanks guys!

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  1. Good Enough To Eat
    Ma Peche (check the menu to see if you like it)

    1. Cafe Mogador and Balthazar.

      1. I really like Grey Dog cafe--added bonus that they're open early and have better coffee than most.

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          I also love Grey Dog! Any location!

        2. Would you consider a NY breakfast of lox and bagels, rather than the food you mention above? Barney Greengrass is a great option, if you are open to it.

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            Barney Greengrass' lox & eggs & onions is not to be missed.

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              Love bagels and a schmear but alas I am allergic to fish & seafood. Love the taste but it doesn't love me!

              1. I say "meh" to Cookshop...and heartily recommend Balthazar.

                  1. Penelope is my favorite breakfast destination
                    2nd Ave Deli, try the L.E.O. omelet Lox, Eggs and Onions
                    Sarges Deli, " " "
                    City Bakery, try the carmelized French Toast and you must have the hot chocolate

                    1. Clinton Street Baking Co: pancakes, biscuit sandwich, two of my favorites in the city.
                      Locanda Verde: excellent egg dishes and pastries, get the ricotta with honey and burnt orange toast as well as the eggs Modenese.
                      Pastis or Balthazar for brioche French toast and great bacon, grab a sticky bun on the way out.
                      Russ & Daughters (take out only) for a smoked salmon, onion, caper, cream cheese sandwich on a bagel.
                      Amy Ruth's for chicken and waffles with maple syrup and hot sauce.
                      Or Shopsin's, but research before you go about the service, menu, hours. If you're OK with its quirkiness, get the egg and bacon pancakes with maple syrup and hot sauce. Or one of the pancake sampler plates. Yum!

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                        Just wanted to say that although I don't think it opens until 11:30am, DBGB has fantastic french toast.

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                          If you do Russ and Daughters, you have to also try their super heebster sandwich! "Super Heebster Sandwiches: Homemade Whitefish & Baked Salmon Salad, Hand-Rolled New York Bagels, Wasabi-Infused Flying Fish Roe, and Hand-whipped Horseradish Cream Cheese"

                        2. Cookshop and Penelope are both great.

                          I'd also recommend the Breslin, a new restaurant at the Ace Hotel.