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Jan 25, 2010 12:11 PM

San Antonio - 2 days/5 meals!

I'll be in San Antonio for a job interview this week. I'm looking to eat some awesome Tex-Mex and the best Texas BBQ in San Antonio.

I know the best BBQ in Texas is outside of SA but it's just not in the cards to go to Luling, Lockhart, etc. Trust me, if I get the job I'll be checking those places out.

After reading a bunch of posts, here are my tentative plans:

Breakfast: Guenther's & Magnolia Pancake Haus

Lunch: Schilo's Deli [is German a thing here?]

Dinner: BBQ Station and Los Barrios

Am I way off the mark with any of these? More importantly, I'd love advice on what to order. From reading other posts it sounds like beef brisket (wet end) is the way to go for BBQ. Puffy tacos sound amazing but I'm open to suggestions. I'm kinda wimpy re: the spicy spice so don't recommend the habanero special, k?

I joined Chowhound just for this post so don't let me down! :)

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  1. oh, i should mention (1) i have a car so am not limited to the downtown area and don't mind driving across town and (2) will be eating alone, in case that has some affect on your advice. thanks!!

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      Have the Home brew Rootbeer when at Schilo' room for desert.
      Please when having BBQ, order a combo plate with Beef(brisket), sausage and/or chicken
      Southcentral Texas has some great sausage, sides are as important, tater salad, slaw, beans
      I suggest the Short Rib platter at Los barios, long drive for 2 puffies and rice and beans...