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Jan 25, 2010 11:54 AM

Eastern Standard, Gaslight, or Ten Tables?

Hi-- I am putting together a 60th birthday gathering in Boston for six people. The guests are not from around Boston and I live in in the Merrimack valley so I was looking for a little advice on some great restaurants. I have done a bit of research and was wondering if anyone has any feed back on the Eastern Kitchen, Ten Tables, or Gaslight. The price range is between 25-35 not including drinks...The crowd is not super adventurous when it comes to food, but likes Salmon grilled perfectly, or a nice hearty steak and potato type meal. The atmosphere is important, not too loud but not candlelite romantic either...Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for your time!

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  1. I think you mean Eastern Standard - that is a fine choice -
    The food is better at Ten Tables, but the one in Cambridge is going to be loud - Gaslight too. TT in Jamaica Plain tends to be quieter even though it is a smaller room.
    Assuming that you are talking about 25-35 pp for entrees, as opposed to the total food bill, that will open you up to a lot of different places, too.
    I might suggest you check out Rendezvous in Central Square, Cambridge or the Blue Room in Kendall Square, Cambridge for other fine alternatives.

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      Thanks for the correction.. yes Eastern Standard it is, and you are correct 25-35 pp per entree..there of course would be drinks, appetizers, and desert on top of that. I will definately look at the blue room and Rendezvous. Thanks for the suggestions.

    2. IMO, Ten Tables is markedly better than your other choices which are fine but not in the same league. I think they grill meat and fish very well. Check if you can make a reservation with the JP Ten Tables which as a previous poster has noted is small. I recall that they will take a reservation for a group your size.

      1. Another vote for Ten Tables JP. Both Eastern Standard and Gaslight can get deafeningly loud, and the food, like gourmaniac says, is not in the same league as TT. I wholeheartedly recommend Ten Tables! I hope you can get a reservation!

        1. Last year, 5 of us shared a wonderful, multicourse meal at TT in JP. If you go, ask for the round table in the back left corner.

          1. Can't recommend TTJP enough. Granted, I live in the neighborhood and try to get there as often as possible. With the new expansion, it might be a bit easier to get a table, too. Eastern Standard is good, but noisy, noisy, noisy. Gaslight was a disappointment when I went, but that was a few years back. Great atmosphere, though.
            TT usually has some very 'accessable' menu choices, and are always executed perfectly.

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              By recent expansion, do you mean the Cambridge location or did they expand at the JP location?

              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                JP location now has a wine bar adjacent to the restaurant with 8 bar seats and 4-5 hightops (one 4 top and the rest 2s). Full menu and a few bar items.

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                  Yes, a full expansion (they took over the flower shop next door, which in turn took over Sweet Christophers). The new bar menu is excellent, I would definitely recommend checking it out.