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Jan 25, 2010 10:56 AM

Alto for Restaurant Week?

I'm thinking of trying Alto during Restaurant Week, but wondering if the limited menu is worth it.

Should I wait until I can afford to go for dinner? Or does the RW menu include items that you would expect Alto to excel at? I'm mostly interested in the mains. Are they in Alto's wheelhouse?

Here's a link to the RW menu:


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  1. Went for summer restaurant week....I can't speak to how it compares to the regular menu, but thought it was worthwhile. The pasta dish, while a bit heavy for that warm summer day, was particularly memorable. (It was a homemade penne with a meat/cream sauce, but the house-made pasta was very delicate.) I'd say it's a good choice for RW -- certainly better than many others I've tried.

    1. Has anyone been to Alto for RW? Any reviews?

      1. Went for lunch yesterday. Overall, good and I thought worth it for restaurant week.

        Portions were small, but not tiny. Big enough so as to not be hungry after, but not full either.

        The vitello entree was great, and incredibly tender. My co-worker loved the tortellini and it looked to be a bigger portion size. Enjoyed the torta dessert as well, even though I'm not much of a dessert person. Crudo appetizer was good, not great.

        One thing though, and not sure if it was a fluke, a restaurant week aberration, or an actual issue, but service was not what I would have expected for a 2 Michelin star establishment. One appetizer from my group didn't come out until we asked why it was missing 5 min later. Water wasn't refilled. Waiter didn't come check up on us. It was nothing terrible and it wouldn't stop me from going back, even for RW, but it did surprise me.