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Jan 25, 2010 10:54 AM

Looking For Argentinian Bakery - Cookies

I had these in Montreal at a specialty shop, they are two shortbread style cookies stuck together with a caramel type filling and dusted with fine coconut. Anyone know them, where I can pick some up in Toronto? Thanks.

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  1. Ooh, Alfahores, yum!

    I had some too at a Spanish grocer on St. Laurent in Montreal. The only other place I've seen them in town is at Aroma Cafe on Bloor near Bathurst.

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    1. re: currycue

      I think we went to the same place. The young guy at the counter said his mother had just made them and laughed when I bought most of what he had. They were so fresh, mmmmm. He was surprised I couldn't find them in Toronto.I bought my paella pan there as well.

      Thanks for the tip, I will definitely check it out!!!

      1. re: Euclus

        That's a nice little store. We finally have one here, but it's all the way up on Mt. Pleasant. No alfahores though. Striclty Spanish. (

    2. Saw them at the empanada stand in Green Barn Market last Saturday. Didn't try them though.

      1. In the Latin food court at Milvan & Finch (9 Milvan, I think) there are several places that sell alfajores. In particular, the bakery on one side with its own entrance seemed to have the nicest baked goods.

        1. Columbus bakery on Dufferin, south of Lawrence, carries them.

          1. Haven't tried them but the new Argentinian-owned mate cafe that I posted about, El Almacen, has them. I've also seen them at Aroma.