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Jan 25, 2010 09:56 AM

Skinned turkey breast: How to?

I have in my fridge a skinned turkey breast and I have absolutely no idea how to cook it.

I usually cook skinned chicken breast in a bit of water in the oven, would that work too? Will the cooking time be the same? I use a small convection oven.

For health reason (Hypoglycemia) I can't use a lot of fat but spices are ok.
It's pretty big too (6inches X 5inches)

Thanks lovely Chow people!

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  1. You could poach it gently with aromatics. That would be quite tender.

    1. try simmering in mole sauce. I've used turkey tenderloin before for this and it stays very moist and packs in the flavor without adding fat.

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        I don't know what mole sauce is where I can find it :/

        1. re: Anarkya

          it's a rich mexican condiment sauce that contains chile peppers, oil, crackers, starch, sugar, sesame seeds, peanuts, salt, cocoa, and natural flavors (at least the store brand does).

          it's super intensive to make (but i would love to some day!) but you can find certain brands in the international food section of major supermarkets (these will be a paste that you mix with chicken broth). i don't have the nutritional info at hand but my sugars also run low and i've never had a problem eating mole sauces.