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Jan 25, 2010 09:53 AM

My weekend food quest :)

I went to Oinksters on saturday for breakfast/lunch grabbed me The Royale Burger and Piggy Fries :)

Went to El Tepeyac that night during dinner time for the Manny Special with my friend matt.

Then on sunday with my dad we wanted to go to Vicious Dogs but didnt know they were closed on sunday so we went to two different places, Jacks Burger Stand in the No Ho art district for a Double Bacon Burger and then to Taste Chicago for the worst Chicago dog ive had in a long time, Wienershnitzel is way better. :|

Any interesting food adventures for you guys? :)

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  1. got crazy cravings for soup this weekend. On Friday night my DH got take out Flazki from Polka in Glendale along with some great bigos it helped make a 16hr work day better. Then got goat soup from My Taco in Highland Park for Sat Lunch. That thing is so good, gamey and nourishing.

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    1. Folks, it's great if you want to share your chow adventures, but rather than just posting a list of what you ate, please to try include some information on whether it was good, why it was good, etc. Just listing what you ate without further information doesn't really help anyone else eat better. Thanks!

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