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Jan 25, 2010 09:44 AM

Where to buy fresh pasta sheets for lasagna near King of Prussia, PA?

I use to buy individual fresh pasta sheets for lasagna at Minetti's in Wayne, but recently they closed. The Italian gourmet shop Tredici in Wayne sells them, but you have to buy a whole box and that's too many for me. I'm just looking to buy a few to make a family lasagna, not cater a party. Any other options on the main line?


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  1. I think that the best place to buy fresh pasta is at the Talluto pasta factory near Norristown. They will cut the pasta to the width of your choice and will sell as little as one sheet (1/3 pound). On Saturday I bought ten pounds (30 packages 1/3 of a pound each) and froze them.

    530 Foundry Road
    Eagleville, PA 19403-3902
    (610) 630-6788

    Good luck.

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        they close by six on weekdays, I think it's the same on Sat but even earlier on Sundays

    1. I would try San Marco Pasta Co. - Downingtown. Carlino's - Ardmore or West Chester. Those are the only 2 places I get my fresh pasta. Also good in Delco are Springfield Pasta and Scaramuzzo's.

      1. I've also seen them sold in packages at Giant in Plymouth Meeting so they're probably everywhere.

        1. San Marco in Downingtown has fresh pasta and fresh sauce. Excellent! Just watch their hours. Closed Monday's and only open until 2 p.m. on Sunday.